The Razer Phone Transforms Into a Laptop

– Hey guys this is Austin and today I'm here CES 2018 with Razer's Project Linda So what might look like an ordinary laptop this is actually being powered by the Razer phone So essentially the hardware's kind of similar to something like the Razer Blade Stealth

So you're still getting a 13 inch display but instead of having Windows and a standard like Core processor inside, everything is being run off of the Razer Phone Now the idea has been done before What hasn't is something that well actually isn't terrible Now to be clear this is still a concept so it's not necessarily gonna be on sale and there are some changes before this would hit production But the idea of being able to take your phone, spend all day using it as a standard phone and when you're ready dropping it in and turning into a laptop is really cool

So it all starts with the Razer Phone Now say what you will about the hardware but it is beefy and actually matches the laptop pretty well So instead of having a standard shy pad what we do is we actually just drop the phone in and with one button it motorizes the USB C port and the actually laptop will turn on So it takes just a second right now, obviously this is a prototype Once it's up and running the phone screen just turns into a trackpad

They've actually done a lot of interesting engineering to make this work So we hit the button to detach the phone There's just gonna be a little cut out here where we could actually can grab it What's cool is not only does this keep the power button exposed we actually still have access to the fingerprint sensor Now what's cool is we can actually even motorize it without the phone in

So you can see the USB port just kinda pops in pops out Also I just really like the noise Just sounds so cool Not only does the phone serve as the trackpad right now but it also is going to be using these speakers Now if you guys caught my Best Smartphones of 2017 video you'll know that the Razer has the best speakers of any phone I've ever tried So using this for a laptop should work just fine

The rest of the hardware should be very familiar if you've tried a recent Razer laptop We have full control over the RGB lighting So even though the configurator is a little bit lighter than what you're gonna get Windows, we can still do things like getting full RGB wave cause like, you know, I actually don't have anything to say to that, it's very colorful Beyond that the rest of the hardware is fairly straight forward So there is a actual battery inside

You'll be able to charge the phone while it's docked but beyond that you've got a USB C port for charging, a headphone jack as well as a full size USB A Now they said they would like to add an HDMI port at a later date but for a prototype this is actually pretty close It feels fairly straight forward as far as the build quality It feels a lot honestly like a Razer Blade Stealth which is definitely a good thing This guy is rocking a 13

3 inch panel with a 1080P resolution at least for now So the main issue is with the prototype at least it is not a touchscreen so with the final version it will be nice to at least have that touchscreen that you could use along side the phone but if they could bump it up to say 120 hertz or maybe even 1440P that would be awesome Because this is all Android some apps are gonna look better than others For example YouTube actually is not too bad I will also say it is really nice to have a proper keyboard

So while the actual touchpad is maybe not quite fully fine tuned you can just plug a mouse in and it should work just like this – It's time drive the model three – So you got this for how long? – Dude this sounds like proper laptop speakers I've listened to lots of laptops, they're nowhere near this loud but it's all just coming from the phone While most Android apps are gonna run fine, some are gonna be specifically optimized for a larger display such as Lightroom

Now this is maybe not gonna be the full experience but what you're getting here is something that is going to be pretty impressive especially considering that it is after all running off a phone This is how I edit photos Lets just crank everything up You know we use saturation Yeah we just crank that and that's obviously a beautiful, beautiful image Wes doesn't approve

I can I can feel it right now It's a hard no The pained look on your face as I crank up saturation No no no Of course as a Razer product gaming has to be on the agenda

And here we're going to play a little bit of Vainglory Now this is a game that will obviously run fine on the Razer phone but with a mouse and keyboard I'm actually curious to see how it plays I'm still really impressed with how close this feels like I'm playing on an actual laptop The screen is nice, the speakers are solid Especially with this keyboard it does make a big difference

The Razer Project Linda is surprisingly close to being ready however it is still a concept right now So not only does the hardware need some tweaks specifically by adding a touchscreen and maybe something like an HDMI ports but the software also could use some work But my big question here is what is the price going to be Considering that this only works with the Razer Phone if this was somewhere around $300 I think it'd be a pretty solid deal but if it gets closer to four five or six hundred dollars that's where it becomes a little bit more questionable But I'm curious

What do you guys think about Razer Project Linda? Let me know in the comments below and I will catch you in the next one

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