The Surface Laptop 2 Is ALMOST Great…

– Hey guys, this is Austin The Microsoft Surface line has been growing a lot lately

With everything from a desktop All-In-One with the Surface Studio all the way down to the cheap and tiny Surface Go, there's a lot to like But one of my favorite devices has always been the Surface Laptop So when Microsoft sent over their brand new Surface Laptop 2 to take a look at, I got very excited until I took a little bit of a closer look The overall hardware hasn't changed too much this year which is certainly not a bad thing It's all made out of aluminum, and it does sort of give a little bit of a MacBook vibe

At least until you open up the lid The keyboard and deck lid are lined in Alcantara Now this is pretty unique in the PC space As opposed to seeing aluminum here, it is much more of a fabric material, and it kind of gives you a little bit of a unique look It's typically found in things like high-end BMWs and Porsches and Audis but having it here on a laptop is nice

Now, sure it will wear and get a little bit dirty over time, but as far as I'm concerned, that's totally worth the trade-off of a nice, soft, typing experience You're also getting a terrific display So just like last year, it is a little bit of a weird panel with a 135-inch size and a 2256 by 1504? Yes, I got the resolution right! It's really unusual but one of the nice things they have here is that it, not only is a touchscreen, of course, like a Surface should be, but importantly, the screen doesn't really wobble when you touch it I mean, it wobbles a little bit, but it's much better than most other Ultrabooks out there

The actual panel itself is high quality, but what I really appreciate is the aspect ratio Unlike most laptops which are 16:9, this is 3:2 which means that you get a lot more vertical screen real estate which is helpful for things like web browsing and you know, productivity Everyone loves productivity in their really expensive laptop, right? Something else you can do, of course though, is watch video And even though you do get a bit of a letter box, you have a super-crispy video like Jake's new Can You Survive the Movies? over on Vsauce3 You'll find that there's a lot of crispiness to watch

That aspect ratio also pays off for the keyboard and trackpad So specifically the keyboard is terrific It's backlit; it's got a really nice sort of feel And on top of that the trackpad is actually fairly large Most of that is because that the screen is taller which means that there's just a little bit more space here

One of the big new features this year is not a feature at all! It's the brand new matte black color! Can I just stop for a second, and say, that yes, I love a good silver laptop It's classic, it's great But this? Matte black? I mean I can feel Marques's heart just fluttering It's so, so cool I mean, I did not expect out of all people, Microsoft to make a murdered-out Surface Book

It is so, so cool Or Surface Laptop, whatever it's called You know what isn't new this year? The ports which if you take a look consists of a single USB-A, a single Mini DisplayPort, a headphone jack, and the magnetic Surface connector You know what we don't see? A USB-C, or I don't know, a Thunderbolt 3 port? (metal music) Can you feel my frustration? I kinda get that last year the Surface Laptop 2 did, or the Surface Laptop 1, didn't have a Thunderbolt port or at least didn't have a USB-C But I mean, you see what this is? This is a $400 Surface Go

Guess what that port is? Do you see that little round, not round, the little circular, what, what, what shape is that? – [Matt] Oblong – Oblong, thank you Do you see that little oblong port? That's USB-C It supports power It supports data

And oh look? It supports full DisplayPort just like this useless Mini DisplayPort here So even the USB port apparently is USB 3 and not USB 31 I'll give them a little bit of credit because there is the Surface connector which can give you some of the functionality of USB-C But I mean, it's 2018

It's going to be 2019 soon This laptop is going to be around for a while, and USB-C is absolutely the future It just, it's crazy to me that they didn't just include USB-C here I mean, it's on the $400 Surface! Why couldn't they put it on the $1300 Surface Laptop 2? One of the major upgrades for the Surface Laptop 2 this year are in specs So last year, it was good, but it only had the 7th Gen dual core processors

This year however, we have the full quad core Core i5 and Core i7 options Now, no, you won't be able to game particularly well on the Surface Laptop 2 mostly because it doesn't have any kind of dedicated graphics as an option And you can't connect any external graphics, but having the quad core design does make a big difference for things like being able to do a little bit more video editing And you do have all the Surface accessories including the Pen as well as the Dial So this might actually be a pretty solid Photoshop machine

Software wise this year it ships with Windows 10 Home out of the box which would sound totally normal and not exciting at all until you remember that the last year's version of the Surface Laptop shipped with Windows 10 S which thankfully has kind of been pushed along to the wayside You've got a very nice clean build of Windows, and of course, you can install all the apps you might want There are some nice features including Windows Precision Drivers for the touchpad as well as an IR camera that does support Windows Hello Speaking of that camera, it is a 720p webcam It sounds pretty decent, but most importantly, it actually is a pretty high quality device

Unlike some other laptops that have webcams on the bottom of the display where this is the angle you get all the time Battery life is solid Now Microsoft claims 145 hours on a charge which is definitely a little bit ambitious But you should easily be able to last through a normal day of light use, for example, at work or school

Something that's not going to be taxing it all that heavily The Surface Laptop 2 is expensive It starts at $1000, but that's only for 128 gigs of storage If you want bump up to a 256 gig SSD, that's gonna cost you 300 more dollars The drive is decently fast, but it's nowhere near as fast as the custom SSD inside the MacBook Pro which is actually a less expensive upgrade

Apple charges you $200 on the MacBook Pro where it is they charge you $300 on the Surface So you know, when you're charging more than Apple for an upgrade, you might wanna reevaluate your decisions I really wanted to like the Surface Laptop 2 It's got killer hardware I love the black look

I really appreciate that it is much more powerful now But the issue is that it doesn't even have USB-C much less Thunderbolt 3 Especially considering this kind of price, the Surface Laptop 2 is a good laptop, but it is not a great one

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