The ULTIMATE Nintendo Switch Build-Off

– Hey guys, this is Josh, and welcome to The Ultimate Build-Off The name of the game is simple

It's Team Austin versus Team Ken to see who can build the ultimate Nintendo Switch Both teams will be judged on five unique categories: best feature, aesthetic, creativity, the use of our mystery item, as well as spending the least amount of the $500 provided in company cash Me and my video editor in crime, Jimmy Champagne, will begin judging at 3:00 on the dot – That's four and a half hours – Four and a half hours, that's, hey, we started a little bit late, so, you know

(laughs) And yeah, that's about it Let's sit back and watch the madness unfold – That's our camera, how dare you (laughs) That's our camera – Ah, okay, cool, thank you

– [Josh] Before our two teams set out to buy their supplies, Wes taps in to his inner heritage and leaves behind a special present for his competitors – I believe their planning on building here, right? – [Austin] Yeah – So, I think if we just kind of lay out a couple, you want some by the way? I think it's still good – [Austin] Sure – Okay

– [Austin] I appreciate the thoughtfulness here, of really making sure that we're thoroughly sabotaging them, which will literally take them, like, 10 seconds to clear but is taking us five minutes to do – The whole thing is that they threatened it first, so you have to strike first If they're gonna do it, you have to strike first – [Josh] Not to be outdone by the Matzo, Team Ken also has also has a few tricks up their sleeves – [Ken] Why you gotta be a wimp about it, though, like

They can, they can move that you know, like, actually put your car there – They won't know Run! – [Austin] So here's my plan Did you see the Kev video where he basically turned it into, like, the Switch Pro, like a giant TV He literally put a Switch on the back of the TV, put joy cons on the side

What if we literally just go buy a TV, paint it part red, part blue and we just stick the joy cons on the sides – So basically, I had a little think The Galaxy Fold So, what about if we made our switch, kind of in lieu of, you know, that design 'Cause it's pretty damn cool

– I really think that we need to go to Goodwill and find some jank lawn furniture – Okay We set up the environment, right? – Yeah – We paint the picture – So, we're thinking about spending, what, like $300? – On another Switch? – On another Sw- We could cost cut

Let's go to Game Stop Let's get it used – Oh, you know if get the paint at, like, Lowe's, then we can also get like a tarp and some sand to turn it into a beach – A beach? – Mmm I could take it maybe a little step further Do we just want to use my Switch? We can probably win on the budget portion of it

– Oh, wait – It's, oh, it's 11 I thought it was 10, I was like, oh wait, they're not open yet (laughs) look how expensive that is (laughs) Let's go in the back

$219, $299, $149 43-inch, this is it man So, basically, we don't care about quality at all It's a 43-inch TV, we'll just glue, like, the joy cons to the side and, like, strap the Switch to the back and kind of like color code it – [Wes] Yeah

– [Austin] Done A $150 TV – [Wes] Oof (clears throat) – [Austin] So ,that was super fast Now what I'm really curious about is what the other team is doing

Like, they're not doing the TV, right? – [Wes] Well, we didn't see them here, so I'm assuming no – Yeah I wonder what they're doing – [Ken] That's not a hinge, that's not a hinge Oh, no, that's not a hinge

Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait There's smaller ones – [Matt] But these are for cabinets – [Ken] Look, look, look, look, look – [Matt] That's a match made in heaven right there

– [Together] Yeah – This feels, like, really meaty, like, hardware wise It'll add a little bit of weight to the Switch, but I think that might not be a bad thing Like, it's not gonna look as pretty, but I think this has an industrial look – [Matt] Let's go with that then

– [Josh] The editing squad is not exactly editing right now I got my own Switch Check out the Charizard – [Jimmy] They get to take the day off and go have fun Why can't we? – So, one of our concerns for the hinges is that they're door hinges

They're mean' to- You know, doors are meant to open and close really smooth, so to add a little resistance is to use these rubber, these basically bread ties So in theory, we should be able to actually prop these up and have it stand on its own I think that's all we need from Home Depot – [Ken] Sweet – [Matt] Awesome – [Ken] Sweet

– [Matt] This is going good – [Ken] Yeah, not bad (phone ringing) – [Josh] What's going on, Austin – Josh – [Josh] Hey

– We have a question – [Josh] What's up? – What are the categories again? (laughs) – So, I love Hobby Lobby They have, definitely, some bad press, but at heart I am a basic white girl I love all the knick knacks, just gonna say – [Ken] You are a basic white girl

– I am – [Josh] Team Austin has arrived at Lowe's and oh my god, dude, what are they even doing? Someone check this man's prescription, he looks completely lost Okay, okay, now it looks like they found what they're looking for, at least – [Austin] (sing-songy) Hey – [Matt] I dropped the Switch, oh you can't see it there, that orange thing, that

– Wear your seat belt – [Matt] (chuckles) You told me we were already there – [Josh] Checking back in with Team Austin it appears they're on the hunt for some beach sand, but it doesn't look like they're having much luck – Yeah, we need tropical and I'm thinking, like, Bermuda Pink – [Josh] Bermuda Pink? Bro, do you know where you're at? This is Lowe's not Bath and Body Works

All right, it looks like they actually might have found something – [Wes] Oh, dude These are only $348 – [Austin] Three bucks? – So, if we have, what, three hundred something bucks to spare

– [Austin] Yeah No, we should really go for the budget I think we can get it

– We should probably get about 100 bags Its a joke – [Matt] (gasps) Puffy glitter Aww, look at these are cool I remember these

– [Ken] Aww man – [Matt] These ones are glittery (gasps) This is like Nibbler – [Ken] We can, like, leather back it – [Matt] Dbrand's got nothing on us

– [Ken] These are all vinyl, but I mean d-brand's vinyl – [Matt] That's – [Ken] Oh, this is nice

– [Matt] I guess it just – [Ken] Whoa! – [Matt] Yeah – [Ken] That is plush! – [Matt] Yeah

– [Ken] I love that – [Matt] That's really comfy – [Ken] Thatyou could sleep on your Switch Switch Pillow – [Matt] Look behind you – [Ken] Oh my god – [Josh] All right

The boys are just about done at Lowe's All that's left is Austin getting ID'd by the cashier to buy spray paint? – [Cashier] You look like you're 12 – [Josh] Boy, that is gold – [Cashier] $2236

– [Matt] $2236, perfect – So something just came to mind, though Should we cater toward our judges, though I know Jimmy will like the leather, 'cause Jimmy is a leather boy

– [Matt] Jimmy is a leather daddy – Well, let's not go that far (chuckles) – What do you think Josh would like? – Do they have 2K on the Switch? – [Matt] I was thinking Rocket League – Rocket League – [Matt] Josh is a huge fan of Rocket League

– Yeah There's a Game Stop literally like – [Matt] Right there – Right there No, right there Right there

– [Matt] Right there – [Ken] Behind the pole (car horn) Let's just go to walk to- I didn't curse I didn't use profanity Let's (car horn) go to Game Stop

– [Wes] This is kind of beachy It's only six bucks – [Austin] Yeah – [Wes] If you want to do a second Thing could definitely do what we need it to – [Austin] Six bucks each? Yeah, we could do that

– [Josh] All right, so our boys have found their baskets, but now they need a chair Goodwill's selection appears to be slim, but Wes might be onto something – [Austin] 13 bucks? – [Wes] Can you really put a price on a good chair? – [Austin] Yeah, $13 – Oh, sorry Yeah, this is it

– [Austin] Okay – So, we're gonna be doing mystery tech and one of the items Austin cover your ears

One of the mystery techs that we're gonna do has this Hot Wheels Rocket League set and nothing would be more appropriate for that than two copies of Rocket League If I just so happen to use the company card for mystery tech – [Matt] Clearly, it won't go against our budget

– [Josh] Hoo! These boys going above and beyond to win the least amount of money spent category – [Austin] We need a five cd changer, right? – [Wes] Oh, what about the Big Mouth Bass? – [Austin] Aw, yeah, actually we need that Yeah, yeah, we need that Just grab it I wouldn't mind an Xbox controller

– [Wes] Yeah, right? – [Austin] But, nine bucks? Nah – All right, that is – [Austin] Well, a great start

– This you or me? – [Austin] That's you, man Wait! Red, red, red That's it – [Wes] Yeah, that's totally you – [Austin] This is me

It's a woman's shirt, but whatever – [Wes] All right, it'll be the theme – [Josh] My mans with the moves like Mick Jagger Check out that foot work too Now checking back in with the editing squad, we both out here putting in that Pokemon work, but just as I was about to catch myself a second gyarados, boss man rings my line again

Aight, cool We will do Aight, peace – So, we just got offered Chipotle by Austin and kind of feels like he's sweetening the pot on us a little bit, what do you think? – We'll see If he paid for it, I mean, it might work

It might work for me I don't know about you – I mean food is the way to my heart – [Josh] Food is the way to Jimmy's heart – I think it's the way to most people's heart

– [Josh] Facts – So, its 12:20, so we're still looking pretty good – [Wes] Don't look in there – [Austin] What's up? – [Wes] That's the other team – [Austin] Oh, we're not allowed in there any more? – [Wes] I mean, they're probably building, right? – [Austin] I mean

– [Wes] Oh, I don't think they're back yet – [Austin] Oh, they're not even back yet, oh We're here, there's two and a half hours left and they are no where to be seen and we have everything we need

You know what, I think it's time for a Chipotle break – [Josh] All right, I'ma keep it real At this point, ya boy's getting a bit worried about the status of Team Ken We've heard absolutely nothing from them so let's just check in to make sure everything's going all right – (over the phone) So, just be aware, the other team is already here

They got a little bit of a head start, but you still got just under three hours until this is all said and done, so – [Ken] Oh, yeah, no, no worries We got it

– Okay – [Matt] We won the moment you announced the competition so we're fine – [Ken] Yeah – [Josh] Okay, okay, okay We got some confident boys over here

Okay, well, we'll see you when you get here – [Matt] All right – Yeah, man – [Josh] Good luck – Yeah

See you there – [Josh] Aight, peace – I don't know, man I don't know I don't know how much thought they put into it but Matt thinks about one thing, "This is," and other than that, he doesn't think about a lot else

(funky upbeat music) – I'm pretending like I'm in slow motion right now I'm really curious to see what a $150 TV looks like I bet not very good So, my thought is that if we glue this right about here, we can drop the Switch in Oh no, we should do it this way so we can actually get access to the ports – [Wes] Yeah – And then, for the joy cons, what I think we should do is if we use these little stupid, like, wrist straps, I think we can glue that and or tape it, right, to the sides, so that way we can remove the joy cons and so they don't have to live on the TV all the time

– [Wes] Yeah, for sure – All right, let's get this thing glued up – [Josh] Before heading back to the studio, we make a stop at Ken's house to pick up the second Switch As well as, fueling up with arguably, man kind's greatest creation But before leaving, Chef Matt has a plan for the mystery item

– [Matt] I happen to be a world famous egg chef You want them to be light and fluffy I'm not into that fancy stuff I like to use this Mexican blend of cheese They got a little bit of spice in there

Now, today when I came into work, I did not think I'd be hosting a cooking show – Last look at the Switch logo, before we never see it again – [Austin] Good night, sweet prince – [Wes] Here we go (static) oh (honk), aw (honk)

I mean dammit Darn it – [Austin] What happened? – I got glued – [Austin] Oh, you got glued, oh no (honk) (Austin laughs) – [Ken] All right, we're back in the office, let's build

– [Matt] Build! – [Ken] Oh, those bastards! – [Matt] Oh! – [Ken] What?! (sighs) okay Hold on, hold on, wait I got it, I got it, I got it – [Wes] NO! Oh, that was a lot of it too – [Austin] You okay? – Oh yeah

We can save it (door beeps) – [Ken] Go, go, go, go, go, go – [Matt] Oh, why is it so wet – [Austin] Oh my god Dude Dude

Like, Ken ran in here and just chucked everything It's like inside our TV right now and he just saw what the hell we're doing right now I mean that's obviously disqualification points, right Josh? – Ah, I mean it was a quick look It was a quick glance – [Austin] Aw, I- This? This

This is what you call quick? (everyone laughs) Look there's literally, there's like matzo in our Switch box Look at this! Look at this They're still delicious I'm sure – Oh, it's very stale – [Austin] No, then

Well that backfired – Where's our Switches – [Ken] Our Switches are right here – [Matt] So, what's going to be like this? We got two Switches Tops

They're gonna be like a teepee, but what we're gonna do is flip this over Got our hinge – [Ken] There we go – [Josh] Damn, son! Ken really just made it rain matsa all over this TV – [Wes] All right, so we take this out and then there's just a whole bunch of Switch Components in here that we don't really care about

– [Austin] All right Well let's give it a nice little healthy dose of glue and then – [Austin] Man, Ken's a dick

We just put it on the table, he didn't have to, like, dump it on us – At least, we got them first – [Austin] We did get them first, but I think they got us better – [Wes] Look at that That's some professional build quality, right there

– [Austin] All right Should we go paint? – Let's go paint – [Ken] Okay, so I pretty much made my mark around the Switch for the hinge, so I know exactly how to glue it A little liberal with it – [Matt] We are not getting that back off

– [Ken] All right and put that down Second part of the gluing All right and let's get the positioning right There That looks pretty lined up, for the most part

– [Matt] Now, we're gonna have a – [Ken] Yeah we can't- No going back now – [Austin] I'm a painter now

With very fogged up glasses – [Josh] We have entered Operation Avoid As Many People As Possible Well, that was a rough start Jeez, is that someone else down the hall? Yeah, that's JD And now Kev? What are the chances? We're building this into a Nintendo Switch right now

– [Kev] Yeah, I know (laughs) I'm a little, by the way, I'm a little insulted no one consulted me – [Austin] I think, cause I stole your idea These are just joy cons and everything taped to the side of this TV – But I wasn't asked

– [Josh] Well this operation is just a fail at this point It's like Austin intentionally took the most populated route – [Austin] Perfect – [Wes] You think it's gonna crack? – What's gonna crack? – [Wes] The panel – I mean you see it laying down, isn't it

– [Wes] Yup – Okay, cool Let's do it – [Wes] All right, so just There's still matzo on here – [Austin] I'll buy that – [Wes] Yeah – [Austin] Yeah – [Wes] Yeah, that's fine

– [Austin] Yeah – Is that it? You spray it? Have you ever used spray paint before? – [Austin] I actually have never used spray paint before – [Wes] Oh god – [Austin] All right – [Wes] All right

Even coats, all in the wrist – [Austin] I just Okay

That's a lot of wind – [Wes] Oh god Even coats, man – [Austin] Okay – [Wes] What are you doing? – [Matt] I'm trying not to cover up any of the speaker vents

This will cover up a little bit, we'll try and cut a slit out of it Other than that – [Ken] Should we cut out here so it doesn't show? – [Matt] Yes, yeah

– [Ken] Yeah, so I guess that's where an X-ACTO would come in – [Matt] That is exactly why we have an exact X-ACTO knife – [Ken] You know, I half expected them to sabotage my arts and crafts kit cause it's been sitting out in the open, but they haven't And maybe that's just cause they didn't notice (overlap) – They're just not on top of their game

– [Ken] Yeah – [Austin] Hey guys, this is a bad decision Aw, that's very blue – [Wes] Actually, that looks much better though – That looks like a joy con to me You squint a little bit, that's a joy con right there

– [Wes] If I put the camera really out of focus – [Austin] Yes, yes – [Wes] Yeah, no, that

– [Austin] Joy con, right? – [Wes] That looks like a great – [Austin] Perfect, prefect paint job It'll be dry within the next two hours Yeah, no, I'm good with that Should we have, like, plugged the TV in and see if it worked before we did all this? Ah, whatever – [Wes] Yeah

– [Matt] This comes down – [Ken] Yeah, and all we have to do is cut the little frills off of here – [Matt] Yeah, oh no, oh no – [Ken] Did you glue the scr- Oh my god, Matt – [Matt] I might have glued the screen – [Ken] Matthew! Matthew! Wait, hold up Let's do this like we normally would, right So, I'm gonna hold it like this just for safety, but let's- Ready? – Want me to hold it here? – Dude! Yo! That works so well – That works pefectly

– Yo, and that's like rigid Here, undo it, undo it (laughs) Yo, aw man! – [Josh] Do you have some matzo lying around your crib? Then do yourself a favor and cop yourself a Dyson V10 It's putting in the nine to five, baby – All right, so we've cleared up all the matzo

So let's go over here and see kind of how much space we can cover with our tarp We should be able to cover a fair amount Oh yeah, this should definitely cover enough Ah, green There we go

– [Austin] We should do blue, though, for the water – I thought you said I couldn't add water to this – [Austin] Yeah, but it's blue, it looks like water – Can I put real water in it? – [Austin] No – We just cleaned up one mess, man, come on

– All right, fine One day, I'll be as shredded as you – [Austin] What kind of sand is this? – [Wes] All purpose – [Austin] That's all I just mean like beachy sand not like ground sand – It matches the aesthetic of the studio (laughs) See look, it matches the wood Perfect, look at that

Oh, this will essentially look like a tropical island I love it – [Josh] You know what, Wes? This idea just might work Ya boy was definitely skeptical at first, but I can't argue with the results This isn't looking half bad

– [Wes] I've gottaI need to – [Austin] You may wanna wash your hands – [Wes] I'm gonna wash my hands off real quick – [Josh] And across the hall, Ken is cutting out a piece of leather for their Nintendo Switch – [Ken] Matt's gonna tag up the office with some paint

Why do I keep saying paint, with glue Oh, dude, yeah Douse it – [Matt] Adding a little bit more on the sides Kind of only have one shot a this, so

Oh, its Oh no, it's gross I do need your help – [Ken] Oh – [Matt] I do need your help – [Ken] Okay, okay

Hold on – [Matt] Oh, it's gross and slimy – [Ken] Okay, well it's white, and gross, and slimy – [Matt] What I mean is, it smells really bad – [Ken] Okay

– [Matt] So, I need you to come around here – [Ken] Can you grab- Can you do the bottom part, I'll do the top part Aw, it is gross and slimy, ew, ew – [Matt] All right, go ahead – [Ken] Okay, so just lay it down oh my god, I'm twitching

– [Matt] Oh, oh no – [Austin] So, first of all let's start with the chair Oh what The chair's so sticky Ew So we add this – [Wes] Perfect – [Austin] We also have our Big Mouth Billy Bass

Does this actually work? Aw, do we have three C batteries? – [Wes] Yes! – Excellent – You all made fun of me when I bought them, saying that we will never use them – Okay, here we go Oh no It doesn't work

– [Wes] You know, actually, if we bury it in the sand it will look like just a washed up fish on the shore – Where the creativity points come in – [Josh] Time is almost up And it looks like Team Ken is A-okay The Switch has power, Matt's upstairs chilling

While on the other hand, Team Austin is frantically trying to find the screws to their TV stand I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I'd say Austin lost them And it was at this moment Austin realizes – [Austin] We are actually already past three Okay, okay – [Josh] But little do they know, the judge's priorities were else where Judging was supposed to start three minutes ago, but it's happy hour That tastes good

Okay, okay Team Austin has a little bit more time to work with and it looks like they're using that time to make one more phone call Who are they calling? And more importantly, what do they need? (Josh on the phone) Yo, we're gonna close out, thanks I got this, Jimmy – Are you at the bar? – [Josh] We are at the bar, we are closing out our tab and we'll be up shortly

– Okay I need your help – [Josh] You need my help? – Yeah – [Josh] With what? – [Wes] You know the wooden pallet piece in the corner? – [Josh] The tall one? – [Wes] Yeah, yeah, yeah – [Josh] Do you need that? – [Wes] Oh yeah

– [Josh] Okay I will get it for you – [Josh] All right, ya boy has grabbed the pallet and it's now 3:30 Time to let the final presentations begin Or at least I think so

– [Austin and Wes] Whoa, whoa, hey, whoa, whoa – [Josh] Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's 3:30 It's 3:30 – [Wes] We have a presentation – [Josh] You have to stop

The time Man, these boys did me dirty The disrespect I guess the show must go on, though Welcome to the final presentations of the Ultimate Build-off

– [Wes] So, we do have a place to welcome you guys to We'd like to welcome you to Victory Island – [Ken] Oh my god – [Josh] Okay, oh, look at this – [Wes] Your Switch tropical destination

– [Austin] This, my friends, is a destination which you have never experienced before in lives – [Matt] That explains the really weird shirt that Austin's wearing – [Austin] It's okay, you gotta get into the island theme, in fact, we really need to get into the island theme because, of course, we have real sand – [Josh] Oh, this is real? Oh, this is real – [Wes] Yeah, your very own island surrounded

– [Jimmy] Josh, we got the egg point – [Josh] We got the eggs! Oh look at this Okay, look at- Okay, so we got painted blue and red to match the joy cons

– [Jimmy] I gotta give them props on the shading too – [Austin] It's pretty good, right? – [Jimmy] Yeah, this is as close as it can get – [Austin] Take a seat – [Josh] Oh, oh, a little cold, little cold – [Austin] Nice, though, right

– [Josh] Yeah, oh – [Austin] All right – [Wes] And then, Josh and Jimmy, while you guys enjoy your tropical paradise have yourself a frozen margarita by Maverick, our wonderful mixologist – [Ken] Whoa Oh my god

– [Wes] Just for you, take a seat Enjoy it – [Josh There's salt on the rim in case you didn't see it – [Austin] This looks like a TV, right? – [Josh] It does look like a TV – [Austin] It's not a TV

This, this is a Switch Pro – [Josh] This is a Switch Pro – [Austin] So, in fact, to correctly use it, get your lap ready – [Josh] Oh, oh, okay I got a microphone in my hand

All right, I'll put this down – [Jimmy] Oh no, oh no – [Austin] I know that there's a lot of rumors that the next Switch is gonna be, like, eight inches or nine inches – [Josh] Okay – [Austin] Well, this is a 43-inch Switch Pro

1080p The highest performance available And, in fact, it support's tilt controls, so you can use this like the biggest Mario Kart wheel – [Josh] All right, I gotta pick this guy, obviously I will say my arms getting a little tired

(laughs) But that's okay I'm 200cc – [Ken] Oh, my god See, don't you like having to physically move your head while using this Switch? – [Josh] We don't need VR – [Ken] It's like VR

– [Austin] It's like VR except better – [Ken] I see, I see – [Ken] I, at least, appreciate that you guys didn't throw the sand onto the straight floor – [Austin] Yo, we had to clean up all the matsa just to put this down (laughs) – [Josh] Okay, here we go

– [Austin] Yeah, there ya go, there ya go – [Josh] All right, so I can use the controls, but I don't feel like they're falling off or anything (mumbles) If I win, do you guys get bonus points? I don't know – [Ken] No, they don't – [Josh] No, no? Okay

Jimmy, what do you think about all this? – [Jimmy] I'm very impressed I think the TV It's good, but I think the creativity of the rest of the rest of the stuff surrounding it brings it to the next level

– [Ken] Not apart of the console – [Austin] Nah, no – [Wes] The Switch is a portable console – [Austin] This is Victory Island where you appreciate the Switch – [Ken] Look, I still think the best feature out of everything here is the fact that you invited Maverick, like, that is my favorite feature of this whole thing

– So I gotta say, I don't know if the detail can see this, but can you see my fingers? There is a lot of glue on these fingers – [Wes] It was actually strategic, cause we know you're gonna get a little tipsy here so we're gonna make sure you don't drop your Switch – [Josh] Okay, okay, nah, this is cool I like this, guys, this is good – [Austin] So, in case anyone's curious, Our eggs are are laid

This is not what it appears to be, right? It's not just a fish, in fact – [Ken] Oh no – [Josh] Oh! – [Ken] Oh no, aw god

– [Austin] Billy, the Big Mouth Bass, who sadly found an untimely demise swimming in the lagoon, however his spirit lives on – [Ken] Does he work – [Austin] His spirit lives on (laughs) So this is the next generation of the bass – [Josh] The next generation

Those are big eggs for some fish, but you know, I mean – [Austin] Don't question Billy, the Big Mouth Bass – [Josh] All right, I will no longer question

– [Wes] We're not sure, but that might be why he died – Oh, that's delicious – All right, so we just got back from Team Austin's judging and I'm not gonna lie, it went pretty well What can you guys bring to the table – So, we decided to embrace the portability of the Nintendo Switch, because let's face it, that's what it's meant for

Who plays it on a dock? Who plays it on a private beach? You could take this to any beach, including your private beach – [Jimmy] I don't see any trees Where's all this shade coming from? – [Josh] Ohh – Foldable is the new future So, we present, – [Together] The Switch Book

– [Josh] The Switch Book – Yes – The Switch Book – [Josh] All right, all right, all right, all right You got me intrigued, I'm intrigued

And, we got style It's leatherbound – [Josh] Oh, hold on – It's an actual book – [Josh] Oh, that feel real

– [Ken] It feels great, right? – Fully hingeable It cracked slightly – [Josh] That didn't sound too good – Nah, its fine – [Josh] Oh, okay

– [Jimmy] A nice squeak and a nice crack – [Austin] I'm actually super curious to see what – [Ken] Hold it, hold it

– [Austin] Where did the second Switch come from? Did you guys buy a second Switch? – (laughs) No, we didn't – We didn't – I took one for the team – [Matt] We took a lot for the team – Wait, are you using your personal property? – Yes, I am

It wasn't not in the rules – [Austin] That's obviously not – [Jimmy] He super glued that on there and destroyed his own Switch

– [Josh] Yeah, that's fair game – Yeah – [Austin] Wait, why'd you do that? – That is permanent, my friend – So you ruined two Switches forever? – [Austin] Josh, can you please chime in here – [Josh] Yeah, all right, okay, okay

So – It's only on the back shell – They didn't spend any money on it

There was no rules against using your own personal property – Yeah – I think this is fair – (laughs) Yeah! – Also, we went in with a hard rule that we did not want to spend over a certain amount of money – And you know what

– Oh that's a lot of mo- That's a lot of cash – [Josh] That's a lot of company cash – [Austin] Looks like it's all ones

– [Josh] I only see one 100, man – [Ken] Hey, hey, hey, hey – A boy gotta eat – [Austin] Hold on, hold on, hold on Before we get into all this

– [Matt] Whoa, whoa, whoa You back yourself up there We are not done presenting – [Austin] All right, I see how it is – [Matt] We couldn't help notice that you had Mario Kart

Okay, I guess a kids' game is good, but – We presented- We're giving our judging panel, – What they really want! – Free copies of Rocket League! – [Josh] All right, so, in case the people don't know, I'm a master rank in Rocket League on my personal account, so this is a big plus – You're not on the Switch, though, right? – Not on the Switch, on the PS4

– But you are now, with your buds – [Ken] The best part about this multiplayer experience is that you don't have to worry about screen-looking anymore – [Austin] It's pretty good This is pretty good – [Ken] Matt! You guys are our first people trying this, so we're giving you some free food

– I mean this isn't alcohol, but I mean I am hungry – Its a little older – Mm It could use more salt – [Woman] They ask you how you are and you just have to say that you're fine

And you're not really fine – [Matt] Go ahead, Jimmy – [Austin] Yeah, Jimmy [Jimmy] I don't eat eggs so – [Matt] Oh – [Josh] Oh! [Austin] Do you want another margarita? – I would love a margarita (laughs) – [Josh] Oh, ya boy is in his element with the Rocket League, but I've never played it on the Switch before But that doesn't appear to matter – Yeah

– I just scored on myself – Yes – [Josh] It's all good, Jimbo It's your first time playing And bro, this Switch Book doesn't feel half bad

Yeah, and it's holding up I mean, I'm not, like, really giving it any crazy pressure but, ya know, I'm not It doesn't feel like it's falling apart

That's a long goal, I'm not even gon' touch it Be great, Jimmmy Stop it, Jimmy Jimmy, stop it (laughs) All right, now let's see how this tabletop mode works

– Is the angle good for you guys – [Josh] I probably, should get like this, not gonna lie – [Matt] Here's the thing – [Ken] You guys are tall, we can just – [Jimmy] Oh my god, this is a game changer – [Josh] Oh! – [Matt] It will stay wherever you put it – [Jimmy] 10 seconds left -[Matt] I think Jimmy's gonna win

– [Jimmy] No – [Josh] Yay! I'm doing it 7-1 like Brazil did Germany – [Announcer] It's Brazil, one Germany, seven – [Josh] Okay, do you guys have anything else that you want to present or is this the end of le presentation

– I think the presentation spoke for itself Here have some more eggs – [Josh] Oh, oh, yeah – [Ken] Oh, there we go See, we feed our editors

– All right, so we've reached the conclusion of our day Both, Team Austin and Team Ken, have completed their builds Only thing that's left is the judging First category is creativity and after Jimmy and I talked about it, we gotta give it to Team Austin – Yes! – Team Austin wins the first point

– Wow – When you walk into the room, lights are dim You see the beach, you see the tarp, you see Marilyn Monroe It's pretty creative – They brought us a private bartender, so that was the big creativity point for me

– So, right now the score stands, Team Austin, one Team Ken, zero – [Matt] Do we need to recap for literally, the first category – I don't think we do actually – So, let's jump into the next one

We're gonna go into best overall feature Now this one was pretty easy for us to decide It's gotta be Team Ken – Yeah, man – Team Ken with the hinge, the book, whatever you wanna call it, that's pretty nice

Now, could it be improved a little bit? Potentially But the over all prospect of what you guys were bringing to the table was very impressive – We're on the upper echelon of human, not god, so, just saying – You guys might be thinking the third category being aesthetic, is that a little similar to creativity? It might be, but hey, these are the categories that I have chosen and we're gonna go with it So, the best overall aesthetic is, once again, Team Austin

For the reasons I stated before I mean, it's just Look at this set

This is beautiful The only thing that was potentially gonna knock it off is the fact that I did get a lot of glue on my left hand, but, you know, I was able to peel it off so its okay – Is that your good hand? – Well, I'm a righty I'm holding the mic with my right hand, so – That's why they got the point – Before we get into the counting of the money, which just might potentially decide this all, is the use of the mystery item Just to quickly recap, we have the eggs Austin would you step aside for a second – [Austin] Yeah – [Josh] We have the eggs down here by Big Mouth Billy Bass, is that his name? – [Austin] That is his name – Big Mouth Billy Bass and so I guess these are his offspring

And then we had the delicious homemade, Matt scrambled eggs This is a tough one This might've been the toughest call we had to make during this event – Really? – Yes, it was – Okay

– It was very tough, cause you know, I mean – [Matt] Two of the categories had the same criteria (everyone laughs) – But at the end of the day, even though one of the judges could not partake in the scrambled eggs, Team Ken takes best use of the mystery item

– Matt, I love you Chef Matt – Chef Matt, they were good I wanted more salt, but I appreciate you looking out for my health by not putting the salt in it So, right now, two to two

Team Ken to Team Austin Only thing that's left is how much money did you boys bring back – There's cheating involved We bought all of this, literally, all of this – [Matt] How much did this lighting cost? – The lighting came free just like the sun came free for you

So, not $100 Not $200 But we have two, like, thirty something – Oh, great – Ken, you got a big stack of cash there

– I do $100, $200, oh we're already done, that's $300, so we're good – And we have a winner! Team Ken – Woo! – Team Ken Matt, come on out here

– You gotta celebrate – Come on out – There we go Let them get their moment So

Aww, boo! – [Ken] The lighting guy cuts off the light – [Josh] So you guys have won the first ever Ultimate Build-off – And I heard that the award for that is all the money that we didn't spend

– [Austin] That's not true, that's not true – [Jimmy] How about the reward is employment (laughs) – Aww – [Ken] Wait, I mean, I thought I was fired, but I wasn't, so I mean, his mistake not mine

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