The Ultimate Overkill Gaming Monitor

Wait Ugh how am I gonna do this? (Grunts) Hey guys, this is Austin and this very well might be the most overkill gaming monitor of all time This is the 49 inch samsung Q led gaming monitor Do not open here open opposite side I? Have do that whole thing again now Just thought there's a little label on the side of the box that this is Samsung dex compatible you of course what else would you want to connect your Galaxy s8 to other than a 49 inch gaming monitor I'm gonna have to set this down for second, man oh, that's better so we get what looks like a bracket to mount it as well as a ton of cables Wow all right I think you should really say something when the monitors stand is bigger than most other monitors by themselves dude so heavy It's like everything about this monitor is what you expect to see except twice as big and twice as ridiculous It's so heavy! This is a curved monitor What are we doing wait huh hold on hold on hold on how are you supposed to do this? I don't even have enough room here and now We've got the full 32 by 9 q LED gaming monitor out of the packaging this I feel like I'm just repeating myself, but this is the most ridiculous thing ever I mean look at that

Oh oh This is a wall bracket You know when you want to mount your 49 inch gaming monitor to the wall Hey, Jimmy Can I borrow you for a second? Are we securing now is this going to break my try to pick it up All right, Jimmy certified This is actually the first time that a product has broken our filming area It's literally just too big like it just doesn't fit anywhere so around back Not only are you getting a pair of HDMI ports But you're also getting DisplayPort, mini DisplayPort, audio in, audio out as well as two more USB 30 ports But the real start of the show is well This side so with everything set up You can see this is uh this is something special So the resolution of this guy is 3840 by 1080 so you can essentially think of this as two 1080p monitors So take a couple of Windows here I easily have enough room for say that throw up a web browser over on this side

There's just so much room for activities Okay well so one of my questions with this would be do any games actually support this ridiculous 32 by 9 aspect ratio As you can see CS:GO kind of does I don't know why it's slowly expanding out here, but we got it for the most part This is ridiculous so in a game like csgo You're seeing that especially on the edges It actually looks like it's almost a bit of a fisheye effect, but that is so trippy I feel like the moles playing this in VR Just because it completely takes out my peripheral vision making things even better Is that not only does it support a hundred and forty four Hertz refresh rate? Which really this sort of add to the immersion, but it also is a free sync enable display so right now I'm playing on a little bit of a lower-end system with an RX 480 but I'm still getting like 140 150 frames per second definitely enough to saturate the monitor and It's so cool Especially in csgo You can see it some things are a little bit oddly shaped for example the map and some of the the HUD elements Look a little bit warps just because they're so stretched across such a giant monitor But that's a small price to pay for having something that looks this awesome next you have PUBG However There's a problem not only is his head slightly cut off, but the the settings menu doesn't exactly work on this monitor So let's see if this actually will work all right so in the game It seems like everything is running reasonably well I will say though that it is very obvious that this is a crop so even though we're running at the full resolution You can see that like a lot of the bottom and the top of the screen have been cut off so instead of getting something That's wider

We're actually just getting something that's been sort of chopped I'm curious to see how that actually affects gameplay that crop is actually really serious I'm basically only singing from his shoulders up now for a game like pub G Yeah, it's probably gonna be the end of the world it is nice to be able to kind of see little bit of a wider Field of view, but it's not quite that same experience without being able to pull out the POV I get it They don't want to give people an unfair advantage by having a super wide monitor But I also don't like the idea of having so much as this cropped Performance wise though It's not too bad with this system We did crank it down to low settings But because we have free sync everything is pretty smooth even though we're around 40 to 50 frames per second I can't get away from the idea that this looks really cool Oh, yeah, so now we have GTA 5 and actually again This is a game that does seem to support that full aspect ratio I'm actually kind of impressed by how old games are supported by this So not only is it kind of cool to be able to get that wider field of view Which you also have to keep in mind that it's not going to be that crazy to drive Sure is a very very large monitor, but it's only a 38 40 by 1080 display That's going to be wide but it's really not going to be that much more than someone like say a 1440p monitor And of course with free sync if you do have an AMD graphics card you're going to be getting those extra Smooth frame rates next up we have dirt four now I feel like a racing game is really perfect for something like this to get that full widescreen Experience now the menus don't support the full resolution, but I'm hoping the game does know I'm really disappointed Yeah This is so cool Yeah, this is totally perfect I mean honestly I keep making the comparison with a VR headset, but it does kind of feel like that obviously it's not that fully immersive experience But you're getting something that is pretty much taking up your whole field of view you look

I'm gonna give Samsung props This is a ridiculous monitor very very few people are probably going to buy it, but it's just cool I'm just glad that someone just decided hey, let's take a pair of super high refresh rate monitors Glue them together and make some giant monstrosity that actually is kind of cool now scratch that it's really cool So does anyone actually need a 49 inch gaming monitor? Of course not But I will say it's actually not as impractical as I thought it would be yeah It's gonna be a little bit unwieldy and you do have to have a pretty decent PC to drive it But it's actually really pretty well done so as always the link to check this guy out will be in the description I'm curious What do you think about this overkill monster? Let me know in the comments below, and I will catch you on the next one

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