The Weirdest Mystery Tech Yet…

– Hey guys, this is Austin! And today I am here with Mystery Tech with a very special guest, Lamarr Wilson – Hi, I am on a professional set

Oh, wait! Well, how appropriate That you put the KFC one out while I am here What is this? – Well hang on, so this is the KFC phone It is by Huawei Only for sale and warranty in Mainland, China

– So not here Is this illegal? – Do you actually have any idea how much this costs? – [Ken] Probably 250 – $250 dollars? – Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha Sorry – It's just as scary in person – Why did you back up? – No reason – I am not going to kill anybody, maybe

Okay, so is this a coupon for some chicken? – Wait actually it is! – I think it is! – If anyone can speak, or especially read Chinese please comment what this means – Oh, oh God I like this! – You know that is actually, that's pretty good looking So it has the Colonel here and it says 1987 – That is sexy! – I'll let you – This is literally finger licking good

– So the next step is – Oh, sorry – To fire up the phone

– I'll let you, – As we normally do videos – You're the professional Oh, that's the Colonel right there Finger licking good! – So this is an Android – This is Android, so it's an MUI skin on top of Android, but it does run Android

– Okay – Alright, so we've got the Colonel Actually, no that's a statue of the Colonel, isn't it? – And it's not even Saturday This thing is a fake – Actually, it is Saturday in China right now

– Oh – Let's see how the KFC performs – Let's see if it's original or crispy – Hey, that's actually a good one! – Thank you, I've been working on that for about three hours now – Let's see what we've got here

– Go slow – You know what, that's actually not bad though – It's kind of slimming I'm kind of digging what that's doing – Yeah, it's the beauty mode

– Exactly! – So if you are looking for a KFC phone this is the only option – I'm ready! OOOOH! – Okay, this is a very mysterious box Wait! Wait! It says "Happy Unboxing" on it – Yeah, can I un-box it? No, no, no, no (paper crunching) You gotta do it Lamarr Wilson way

Be all excited See – There's another box – Ohhhh – Okay, this is a very suspicious looking envelope

– I say it is a movie – A movie? Oh you think so? – Yes And the movie has ended – So, I think the idea here is that this is something that you put over the top of your track pad So, if you want to be able to quickly put numbers in

It is also track pad protection apparently – Oh, that's where you put it – So you can see, if you put it on the track pad, it pretty much perfectly fits – And then you have to download some drivers to make it work – I guess the idea is that you can actually immediately turn it on and off with WiFi and Bluetooth and calculator and then use this to insert numbers

So in theory, if I press on the seven key right now, it will go to Lamarr Wilson's channel Not good! I don't understand, this is literally not doing anything I have calibrated it I have assigned short cuts Wait, wait, just let me try one more thing

So, if I actually go into the calculator Will this actually work as numbers? If I am going to say, one, two, three Okay, short answer, save your $34

00 – Whoo! – Wow that was loud – That was very loud – Okay, advent in gray So I am assuming that this is an incredibly expensive bumper for the I-Phone 10

So you want to slide this guy on? – Okay – Does it just slide on? – I am really nervous about this I am sorry! It's not my phone! – It's Ken's phone, it's fine This is his fault anyway – No, he's just my new friend now

– Alright, so that's it? – That's it and actually – Does it hold together? – It's holding – I will say the red actually does look pretty nice – I like this – The only problem is it comes in a metal box which, I know means, is going to be wildly expensive for what is

– I am going to guess 6000 – Okay go for it 16? – 60 – 6-0? I am going to say $150

00 It's probably not a good sign when the very first thing I see in the Google Search is gray advent knock-off So, they have a whole series of these This is the advent titanium Ooooh $645

00! – No way! This is great – It's aero-space grade titanium with a friction fit assembly and an aluminum display case, so if you want to display your $64500 bumper for the iphone If we are being real here, this actually does feel nice Right? – I know, I know it feels great

– Super nice, but $64500 is the most insanely expensive I-Phone case I have ever seen I will rock, paper, scissors you for this over here right now – I am so bad at this game – The winner of the rock, paper, scissors gets the $645

00 bumper So we go one, two – And go whatever

– One, two, three! One more time, one more time – One, two, three! OH! – YEAH! WHOO! Got me a new phone! Oh, Ken, I'm sorry, yeah, I'll get this apart – Whoo! – Alright, this is something else that looks like an Amazon box No, no let's do it the normal way – Oh come on

– I don't understand why something needs to be wrapped like this – I think I know why Because it is an eye massager! – We get intelligent air pressure, infra-red heating, a point massager, multi-frequency vibration, and soothing music because it can, in fact, download music Okay, well – We've got to try this thing – I just gave you a $64500 bumper so you get to demo this now – No I don't want to be the guinea – It's like a VR headset, but (both laughing) – Why did I jump? The name of it is Blow Mikey (both laughing) – Anyway – It's like a freaking alien – Are you ready? – No! – Okay, three

– Wait! – Two, one – Do you have insurance? Oh! – Honestly? – The temple rub, I am really liking The vibrating, it doesn't really do anything, but I like the sensation – I think it's my turn You've convinced me

– No I like it now – Oh, oh – Yeah, there we go, that's what I wanted Yeah! – It's getting so hot too It legitimately feels like there is so much heat on my face right now

– That's weird because I didn't feel the heat Because I am already hot – Well, I think that I turned it off Oh, now it's like grabbing my temple Yo, this is weird but I actually don't hate it

– I know – It's weird – It's kind of awesome The temples I am really digging Hey, welcome back

– Whoo! Okay, so, eye massager That's a thing The Pavlock Insert the module into the wrist band, press in the lightning bolt to release the zap – Wait, what? – This is a shock collar or something? – This is

Ken! – Pavlock is a wearable device that helps users break bad habits Using classical stimulation techniques, Pavlock administers a slight negative stimulus when a user does an unwanted action So this is basically a shock collar

– Three, two, one, Wow How convenient – Is it dead or something? – How convenient – OH! What the! – Wait, wait, you felt it? – I pressed it OW! – Okay ten percent

– Okay ten percent – Here we go – Oh, okay, that's actually not that bad It feels like being pricked with a needle or something It's fairly low

– Put it on 20, and Oh, I'm not doing that! – I did not do that! – I have a heart problem – If we do 50% can I be done with the video? – Yes at 50%

– Okay, okay, okay – We go on 50 percent – If you guys enjoy this video, make sure you subscribe, check out Lamarr, check out the links to this crap in the description, and hit me with 50% – Now! – Gah! – If you really want those likes to be at 10,000 100? Come on guys – Like the video and I'll do 100% I am like shaking right now Alright, alright

– Are we going to do it? – Do it, do 100% – Okay, 100% guys – Like the video – You better like the video Subscribe to me because I am evil

– Ready, set, Go Aaaggghh! – Oh, how bad is it? – That was actually not as bad as I thought

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