The World’s Smallest Laptop Just Got Faster

– Hey guys this is Austin This is the GPD Pocket, as one of the world's smallest laptops with a seven-inch display

It's kind of crazy what you're able to get inside such a small form factor But today, today it's time for an update So inside this slightly suspicious looking box, is a pre-production version of the brand new Pocket 2 Now on Indiegogo this just went live and is already way, way past its goal So with some much nicer retail packaging we have the Pocket itself

Now what made the original Pocket pretty cool was that it is a full Windows laptop in a tiny form-factor And this, this is actually going to be even smaller and almost more importantly than that, it's going to be more powerful So its actually got a little bit more of a taper now So if we put it side by side with the original, you'll see that that one was little on the thicker and chunkier side But not only is this is going to be a little bit thinner, but it even has more ports

So unlike something like 12 inch Macbook which has a single USB-C port, this tiny seven inch laptop has not only a pair of USB-A ports, but also a micro-SD, headphone jack, and a full USB-C port One thing that Pocket definitely has down is build quality The entire thing is going to be made out of aluminum and it feels incredibly sturdy Typically speaking when you're talking about something that's this small you expect it to feel kinda plasticy or cheap, but that is definitely not the case That even comes across to the hinge

Seriously this thing is built incredibly, incredibly well As opposed to the Atom processor the original version, this guy is rocking a full Core m3 That's gonna make a big difference to performance and while that's typically going to be found in fan-less designs, because this guy is going to be so small it does a somewhat loud fan So it's kinda helpful that there is going to be a little button that can mostly mute the fan on the keyboard, probably because they know that it gets a little annoying But the nice thing is that you're actually going to be getting some pretty serious performance out of such a tiny, thin laptop

This model is paired with four gigabytes of RAM and a 128 gigabyte SSD Now if you take a look at the Indiegogo page it's clear that a lot more people are opting for the eight gig model, but for more basic use, four gig is actually going to be okay But again, I think most people who are really hardcore about these things, are gonna want the max spec they can get Now the 128 gigabyte SSD is going to be a little bit on the lower end But again, it's a seven inch laptop

Sure it's not going to be the fastest thing in the world, but it's totally fine for normal use This guy is going to be running a full version of Windows 10 Don't let the looks fool you, it is going to be a proper little laptop Which of course only means one thing, its time, to play some Fortnite – [Ken in Background] Is it? – Yeah of course it is

What do you mean? It's Fortnite time! Don't you want views Ken? Don't you want to see how Fortnite runs on a seven inch laptop, on the world's smallest laptop? I thought so – [Ken] Not really – Well too bad Cause I've already got Fortnite loaded and you can't stop me Do we dare go down to potato mode? Do we do full 360p? At first glance it, it can run the loading screen

Wait a minute This is actually, this works! I mean I'm at like 28 frames-per-second, I'd buy that Now as you might imagine with a laptop that's this small, You definitely, definitely need a mouse The keyboard actually does kind of work though It's not ideal, but as long as I have a mouse, it actually doesn't feel so bad

Alright, so Fortnite Playable on the seven inch if you, don't enjoy, your own sanity The screen isn't bad So it's a seven inch panel with a 1920 by 1200 resolution Which is going to be plenty sharp on a display this size

Now this is going to be pre-production hardware, so you can't judge it too harshly But my main issue is going to be the brightness It just isn't all that bright While it's going to be somewhat color accurate, it does lean a little bit on the cooler side Hopefully by the time this actually ships to everyone who is buying it on Indiegogo, and on Amazon later this year, they will be able to get a little of a brighter panel in this guy

Compared to the original Pocket, the keyboard has been tweaked, and definitely for the better So not only is it going to be a little bit taller, so before there going to be some wasted space, but they've also gotten rid of this little nub Instead there's going to be this tiny little touch pad Which is not only going to be used as a tiny, tiny little cursor, but you can also click it It's a little bit weird, but the biggest difference is definitely going to be in the better keyboard layout

Still going to be small and hard to get used to, but it is a big improvement The real way to use this is going to be to take advantage of the touchscreen Now it is going to be pretty accurate, the biggest issue is just because it is so small A lot of the Windows touch targets are tiny, but once you get some scaling on this guy, it's not going to be so bad – [Austin On The Screen] And 360 watts, that's a lot of watts my friends

– The speaker is not exactly going to be all that great, it gets pretty loud, but the issue is, I think it's kind of hidden underneath the keyboard There's no obvious sort of spot where it's actually going to be exhausting sound Can you exhaust sound? That's not a thing At already $600 in Indiegogo for the higher-end model, and it's going to be even more expensive when it's available on retail sale later this year The GPD Pocket 2 is not going to be for everyone

But it's a dope little laptop and while there's always going to be more and more different thin and light laptops, that are going to be going for that world's thinnest title, I've got to say going for the world's smallest laptop, actually has a lot of value to it I mean come on! This thing actually fits in your pocket

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