THIRD PERSON PC Build Challenge

– [Austin] Hello and welcome to a very bad idea – So, Austin is using this really interesting contraption for this video that involves this backpack that you may have seen from Mystery Tech, but that's not even the best part about this because it has pole sticking out of it that has a GoPro attached to it and the GoPro is attached to a drone racing headset

– [Austin] So while I'm building this PC, the only thing I can see is what the GoPro sees, which is what you're about to see – [Wes] All right and here we go Try not to vomit – [Austin] Oh god, what the? Wow that's crazy dude Now as you might imagine from a shoulder mounted GoPro, if you're prone to dizziness, you may want to be a little bit careful

This video, especially with me in the headset, but especially when it comes to you watching the video back, is a little bit shaky at times So just a fair warning, if you're prone to dizziness, you may wanna skip this one – [Wes] Do you wanna get used to it by maybe- – [Austin] No, I'm going to go straight for it Okay so I am grabbing the first box Picking up the first box

This is freakin' ridiculous How? Oh, oh god My sense of perspective is so far off The rules are very simple, our wonderful sponsor Micro Center, has graciously provided a number of parts for the build We have a Ryzen 5, you can see this, 30 3600 right? Ryzen 5 3600

And all I need to do is get it together and get it to post I don't need to install Windows in third person because I would be here all day and so would you, but if I actually get this computer to post and all the components to show up, I will consider that to be a victory Okay, let me just try to open a box first Can I actually open a box? Oh I need a knife – [Ken] Oh no

– [Austin] Do you trust me with a knife? – I have this morbid curiosity to see how you do Oh no Oh god – [Austin] Oh look at that – [Ken] Oh okay

– [Austin] No problem I'm gonna open up a bunch of boxes now that I'm here and I'm armed Oh boy – [Ken] Austin looks like the (beep) serial killer I've ever seen – [Austin] Wait I need my case

So this is a Fractal case of some kind I can't actually read it from here (Austin groans) Ow it's the Define S2 Okay oh no don't hit the camera Don't hit the camera okay

Oh oops Well, that's just never gonna be found (Ken laughs) So what is that? Is that for the Oh that's for this Can you give me a screwdriver? – [Ken] You can get it – [Austin] You can't give me a screwdriver? – [Ken] No there's one in the table I feel I have to help this old man cross the street – [Austin] Okay that's a camera

– [Ken] Yeah that's very much a camera – [Austin] Oh it's in the This Is set Cool, glad all my tools are very well prepared – Okay let's be clear here, I did not hide the screwdriver He took it from the set and brought it over to the This Is side of the room that's not my fault, I'm not even going to say it's Matt's fault

That's just Austin forgetting where he put his stuff He needs to put stuff back where they belong Boy can trip for all I care – [Austin] Oh what the fu-?! These all look the same! These all look the same! No! So this is that's big Phillips, all right smaller – [Ken] Almost looks like you're listening to them without any context

– [Austin] So something different between what you're able to see with the GoPro footage on YouTube and what I'm able to see is the fact that I have a headset in my way and while it is a fairly nice display and it works well for drone racing where you need to see a tree coming, when I'm working on a PC and I'm looking for tiny little details, the fidelity just isn't there and on top of that the color inside the headset is a little bit different as well The blacks, for example, when I look at the case, the shadows are just black I don't really see any detail I was feeling confident I was really feeling confident, but the more I have to do these little things, the more I just wanna not do this video any more

I'm just realizing that this was a terrible idea, and I don't know why I signed up for this – [Ken] Well, you didn't sign up for it Our sponsor of this video, Micro Center, did – Thanks to the wonderful sponsor of today's video, Micro Center, I can tell you all about their brand new custom PC build configurator So all you need to do is go to this link in the description, or it's just easily available on their site, and you can very quickly pick all the components that you need for your own PC build

So you can start out and plug a couple of things in and it will have a full compatibility guide to tell you what will work, what won't, and on top of that if you need any help, the Micro Center forums are available for you as well Once you've picked out all of your accessories and peripherals, you also can opt to allow Micro Center to build your PC for you, which of a very reasonable price, they will do all the installation and get your PC 100% good to go Regardless of how it's built, they do have a showcase where once your computer is all set, you can show it off to the world and, alternatively, take a look at what everyone else has been building There's also a PC Build Showcase Contest going on So through the month of July, if you submit your custom build to the showcase, a single winner will be selected to receive a $500 gift card

Now I'm gonna go back to third person and not following any of their wonderful sound advice So my first task will be to install the power supply – [Ken] Oh (Austin laughs) – [Ken] Good job – [Austin] Dude my depth perception is terrible

Okay so that's one I almost caught that though Where is my, where is my PCI power? Did I drop it? Oh I did drop it didn't I? Oh look at that Can't put one over on me So cable management not gonna exist in this system

(Ken laughs) – [Ken] What, you don't wanna try? – [Austin] If it powers on, it will be a miracle There we go All right, c'mon, there we go Oh my god, this is so hard Holy

(beep) This is no longer fun – [Ken] (laughs) Yeah we passed the point of this being fun and now we're just watching you suffer – [Austin] I can't believe I have an AIO to install – [Ken] You all right there, bud? – [Austin] I'm fine – [Ken] It's just- – [Austin] I'm closing my eyes now

– [Ken] Oh well, I guess that that's a way to rest – [Austin] This is my break – [Ken] Makes sense – [Austin] I have one screw in the power supply and that's gonna be enough for now Okay, I'm gonna put this off to the side and I'm gonna try to build the motherboard

I need to be careful though because if I sort of ruin the pens on the CPU, I'm gonna be in deep trouble Which direction is that? Is that Ryzen? Yeah, that's Ryzen up okay (Austin breathes deeply) Yes! Yes! Yes! I am the Ryzen master! – [Ken] That's the first thing that has gone right so far – [Austin] Is that lined up? And it feels like it's lined up – [Ken] You go it

You got it Yeah there you go One more to go – [Austin] Oh, that's actually a good angle I think I got it

(Austin growls) Next where am I gonna install my M2 drive? Under here I'm assuming, right? You know what's funny, after the power supply, I was feeling really down and dejected, but now I'm doing the easy stuff This is much, much simpler SSD is over here I'm just gonna rip it open 'cause I'm not using the knife anymore than I have to So I'm gonna just get my head out of the way

There we go okay There we go This is so dumb This is literally the best way to do it 'cause I can actually reach Okay so line this up right here

Come on, come on There we go There we go Oh no, oh god, c'mon dude What am I doing wrong here? It looks like its going in, but it doesn't feel right

Can you give me some guidance? Am I like what's, where am I at right now? – [Ken] I mean you're kind of there – [Austin] What happened? – [Ken] The stand off is in the wrong spot – [Austin] Oh, I did put it in the wrong spot, oh – [Ken] For as much as it's fun seeing Austin suffer, I can only do that for so long One I'm kinda running on the clock

I get paid by the hour, but on the flip side of that, Austin's a friend, and some times we gotta help our friends even if it burns us on the inside – [Austin] The longer I spend in this headset, the less I think it's cool and the more I just get frustrated For me, especially as someone who knows how to build a PC, it's incredibly frustrating to spend all this time trying to do some minute little detail and I can't do it right This should be so simple and yet I'm consistently failing, which is making more frustrated, which that compared with the third person build just kind of the longer I wear the headset, the less like I don't wanna say nauseous I feel, but I start to feel less and less attached to my body All this stuff over time is really, really adding up to a very unhappy Austin

Ow – [Ken] Oh – [Austin] There ya go Those ports look pretty good to me Oh god oh, oh I'm being defeated

I can't give up Oh I'm not giving up I'm gonna do this C'mon yeah! Thread it! Thread it! Thread it! Thread it! What the fu-? What? Where's even the screw? What? Oh it fell out! I thought I had it in, then I realized it came back out on the bit Oh god

– [Ken] Hopefully that will bite – [Austin] Feels like it – [Ken] Yeah okay – [Austin] Yes! – [Ken] Okay so- – [Austin] Okay I'm done, one screw's fine This headset is legitimately running out of battery and if I'm gonna be completely honest, if I'm in this headset for much longer, I think I'm gonna have some serious like I think I legitimately need a break

So we're gonna stop, recharge the headset I'm gonna come at this with a new game plan and tomorrow, I'm gonna finish this build Now I'm about to rejoin the real world Wow oh dude that is one of the hardest things I have ever done for a video in my life Wow everything's so close

That screen is so bright my eyes have adjusted so, it actually feels dark, oh Yesterday sucked so, today my plan is twofold First of all, clear mental state My second tactic is very simple, cut all the corners Today, I'm gonna do the bare minimum 'cause all I need to do is get this PC to post

If I can do that, I've won So actually, where do I install a hard drive on this guy? Oh, that sounded bad That sounded like a lot of screws just fell out Wait hang on, is my motherboard still in place? Okay that's fine Okay so I assume I can put a hard drive in back here

Okay so how does that attach? Does this screw in somewhere? Okay, I'm just gonna just do one of those things where I'm just gonna close my eyes and do it by feel Yep, there we go Okay, got one So this is definitely a little loose, but it stays and that's all I care about All right, let's go

C'mon, there you go There you go That is horrible! – [Ken] But dude, this, this thing is, this thing is, that's royally not screwed in – [Austin] Fine Use my left hand and push it, push it, push it

Yeah, one things plugged in! Who hates doing this in third person? Okay that's me Anyway, so a little tip that I've been doing is closing my eyes So it's not just about, you know, trying to rest, which is definitely a big part of it, right? I mean after an hour, an hour and a half, two hours inside the headset, I'm mentally exhausted, but even beyond that a lot of times I feel like I can actually install these components and find these screws just by closing my eyes and feeling for it Like the GoPro almost was lying to me, right? I look at it, I put my finger where I think I am, and I know that I am actually like a half an inch or an inch off, right? Like that perception of where my visual hand is going is different than where my hand is going in real life So really pretty frequently through out this process, I find myself just closing my eyes, re centering, keeping myself from being too frustrated, and ultimately relying on my sense of touch, and my sort of analytical brain to think of where things are to actually get things accomplished because mm-mm (negative) it's not it's not pleasant

Not pleasant Power's actually looking pretty good now So I think it actually may be time for the AIO The most complicated aspect of the build really to me feels like it's going to be installing this AIO – [Ken] A lot of things can go wrong

He can touch the thermal paste Lay out stuff could be wrong what there are two fans on that thing? There's at least eight points of failure already If one power supply took him 20 minutes, we might be here for an hour – [Austin] So if I do it like here

So I do it like this, yeah like that Okay so if this is somewhere like this, this is like this, right? I think ah that cable bend feels bad though Kay so now, that looks right Yeah there we go Am I in the right ball park right now? – [Ken] Yeah

– [Austin] There we go – [Ken] Yeah – [Austin] Kay – [Ken] You screw it in and then it'll all lock – [Austin] All right, I think we just got a big hurdle for the build taken care of now

Get this AIO tightened down Next, I need to figure out the fans (Ken laughs) I'm gonna say we're gonna go this way Well yeah that feels about right, huh? Yeah! Okay I'll just say that's okay for the very moment Whew All right fans are now installed

Now we just need to get that top panel off and get this installed Did it pop or I feel a rivet here? Do you have any idea how this comes off? Are those, are these screws? No that is a screw, right? Are these three screws or are these three rivets? Oh! Thanks, Ken Whew (Austin breathes deeply) All right (Austin breathes deeply) Okay let's go – [Ken] Up, oh, oh – [Austin] No down, right? – [Ken] Up, up, up, up, up

– [Austin] All right Oh man Oh my neck's feeling it (Metal drops) That probably wasn't important – [Ken] Down, up

Yep, left – [Austin] Oh is that actually in? Wait are you tryin' to tell me that we just installed an AIO? Ay! All right now let me install the graphics card This part, cross my fingers, should be pretty easy Dude I'm closing my eyes so hard through this It's crazy how for a third person PC build, it's so much easier just to close your eyes

There's nothing holding it back, right? Oh yeah there Okay it feels like it's in – [Ken] That (Ken laughs) – [Austin] Did I just put it in the wrong slot or something? (Ken laughs) – [Ken] This is incredibly painful to watch – [Austin] I know – [Ken] There are more, there are more cables

There – [Austin] Thanks for taking pity on me Now I give Ken a lot of (beep) Most of it I think is completely deserved, but in this particular scenario, he has done me multiple solids It's rare for Ken to take pity on me, but when those rare opportunities do come up, I would be a fool not to graciously accept his help as I can't put a screw in a stand off

Also I want to take this stupid headset off so I'll take help from (beep) if I have to – [Ken] That one can't go in the cut – [Austin] Just censor that one It's fine Everyone will wonder who I'm talking about

Oh, oh, oh that's it, that's it Okay so I think we're almost set Let's plug this thing in It's just gonna work Huh? There we go

Okay Monitor, uh oh, I'm getting a flashing battery sign on my headset We don't have another battery so that means if I don't finish this up, I have to do it totally blind All right c'mon, c'mon, c'mon Key board, that feels like a key board

Kay let's go Run this really quick And looks like USB Of course I put it in the wrong way first Power cables, power cables, power cables, power cables

Plug it in Dude, this battery light is getting angrier and angrier at me All right, I need an HDMI Is there any HDMIs here? There's an HDMI down here if I remember C'mon help me out with an HDMI at least

Fine, I see how it is I'm gonna make it all the way back Very dark back here Hope there's nothing super sharp Give me a cable, give me a cable

Why do all cables look the same? Okay that's a display port Display port, I'll take it I like that you came over here to pretend to help me, but you didn't actually help me – [Ken] Oh no, I'm just here to observe – [Austin] Oh okay

Runs back here Light is now blinking even more furiously at me Okay we're just gonna boot the build like this Kay Oh, I can see some things now

See some things now C'mon one of these things has to boot it Wait is it on? Oh it's on! My fans aren't connected, whatever Oh yeah, I forgot to turn on my AIO fan Oh nothing is, oh god, none of this is plugged in

Whatever, it'll post Oh no, oh no, my headset's dying It's getting darker Dude like really it's just getting like darker and darker and the fans are going down It's like the headset's letting me know it's dying

– [Ken] It's like wasted in Grand Theft Auto – [Austin] Oh and I'm dead I literally can't see My battery just died – [Ken] You died the way you lived

– [Austin] Did I do it? I mean I'm done Like I either succeeded or I failed right now there's no turning back (Austin gasps) It worked! It worked! It worked! I did it! One terabyte hard drive or two terabyte hard drive 500 gig M2, two eight gig sticks of RAM, Ryzen 5 3600, 70 degrees doing absolutely nothing with zero fans I did it! I built a PC in third person! There's so many things that could've, should've, and did go wrong with this build There's been a lot of videos I've done There have been a lot of weird challenges and things I've had to do, but very little has felt as rewarding and as promising and as just fulfilling as completing it with literally zero seconds to spare

I mean I just can't even wrap my head around that So, is it possible to build a gaming PC in third person? Yes, yes it is Is is possible to go check out our wonderful sponsor, Micro Center? The link in the description where you can build a PC that's actually properly well done? Yes, it absolutely is Definitely be sure to go check them out Thank you to Micro Center for sponsoring this madness and thank you for watching

Subscribe And if you excuse me, I'm gonna go fix everything, Like literally everything

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