This Christmas Mystery Tech Gets WEIRD…

– Hey, I got it! Hey guys, this is Austin! And welcome to a very special time of year, where everyone decides to give me things, that are of dubious quality to unbox on this wonderful, wonderful channel Shall we begin the holiday festivities? I forgot that we were shooting this today

Although, obviously, Wes did not forget to make sure that we have all of the holiday festivities in place – [Matt] So this is from all of us, y'know Just to get the mood right – The mood right I don't like this one bit

You know what, Christmas Mystery Tech is one of my favorite times of the year, because I get to be appreciated by everyone And they all show me just how much– Oh wait, I think I know what this is! This is actually cool! Yes, okay, so this is a Lighting to USB cable, but with– but with Christmas lights! Dude, that's really cool! All right, hold on, hold on, I gotta plug this in So, it's literally USB on one end, Lighting on the other, and this, so if I plug it in down here, I could plug my phone in and show my holiday festive spirit at the exact same time, look at this What more could you ask for out of the holiday season, than a little bit of extra cheer? Because you know what you need right now? You probably need a little bit of extra holiday cheer Whooo! All right, so our next item, I'm just gonna, you know what? Set needs to be a little bit more festive, we're just gonna

Well, I'm very excited This is, I don't know if you can see this on camera, but the glitteriest piece of packaging I've ever seen It's like literally– – [Matt] It got everywhere! – I'm already glittery, I'm gonna be in trouble when I go home Let's open this thing (laughing) Merry Christmas, guys! Thanks! – [Matt] That is the best joke that you have ever told, ever

– (laughs) Wait Okay, I see LEGO, this is good What is the Sluban Racing Team? – [Matt] A lie – You've got a legitimate real LEGO here Where did the Sluban Racing Team come from? I'm going to– – Who do you think got that? – I'm naturally inclined to think either you or Jimmy, because you're both into LEGO's, but I'm going to throw a curve ball, I'm gonna say Josh

– [Matt] That's correct! – What! – Good job, Austin! – I got something right finally, excellent! I'm not gonna build that whole thing right now, I could probably build this really quick (gavel banging) – [Matt] You need to separate the rest of the pieces – [Austin] I'm separating them! (clock ticking) I see a gray flat six, I don't see a gray flat four – Out of curiosity, hold on, wait It says here, "for ages seven to 14"

(clock ticking) – Aye, it's looking more like a Ferrari (clock ticking) No, no, no, no, no, no, no! We're just gonna put you right there We're not gonna do that, unless you guys wanna be here all day long (clock ticking) I'm working through this I'm legitimately working through this

(timer buzzes) (toy roars) So after an hour of building, Roboraptor and I have lost our minds And there is a LEGO that is fully completed Shall we continue with Christmas Mystery Tech? Hey, almost caught it! All right, whoo, this is very thick wrapping paper (joyful music) This is a cup Wait, no, that's, there's foam inside this

So, is this like, you're supposed to sing into the cup, with the microphone? What, huh? Wait, wait, hold on, hold on, First of all, I'm guessing that this is yours, Ken (bell rings) – Yeah – Okay! (buzzer sound) – It's not Oh, Matt is this yours? – [Matt] Yeah – Okay Matt, please, walk me through exactly, what I'm supposed to do with the karaoke machine

So, is the idea that you can sing karaoke, without people judging you, because you're singing into a cup? – [Matt] Correct So basically what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna play them the speakers first, and show what it sounds like to everyone And then, I'm gonna go and I think I gotta do "Forgot About Dre", right? – [Matt] No Yeah buddy! Yeah, all right – [Matt] Oh, (bleep) you

So, now that we've completely and totally defeated, the purpose of the Solo Cup by putting it on a giant speaker, let me sing for you ♪ Chicka-chicka-chika Slim Shady ♪ ♪ Hotter than a set of twin babies ♪ ♪ In a Mercedes Benz with the windows up ♪ ♪ When the temp goes up to the mid-80s ♪ ♪ Callin' men ladies ♪ Okay, this is actually really bad, I'm gonna put the headphones back on now ♪ Nowadays, everybody wanna talk ♪ ♪ Like they got somethin' to say ♪ ♪ But nothin' comes out when they move their lips ♪ ♪ Just a bunch of gibberish ♪ ♪ And mother(bleep)s act like they forgot about Dre ♪ Questionable idea, questionable execution, definite copyright claim, I think this one's a winner Whoo, all right, so this is a instruction manual, "Dear Austin, thank you for offering to try our first ever, "prototype Wakey Pal" This is 1000% a Wes thing

– [Matt] Of course – Oh, what is this? I don't like this, this is bad (nervous laughing) This is Wakey Pal, someone clearly spent a lot of time working on this It's got what looks to be a bomb on the bottom Do you guys know what this is going to do? – [Matt] Nope

– No? – Nope – Okay, all right, so what time is it right now? It says it is 4:11, that is shockingly accurate, give or take a couple minutes All right, so, this seems like an unnecessarily long cable for the Wakey Pal, let's see what happens Is it gonna explode with confetti? – [Matt] Maybe – Glitter? – [Matt] Maybe, we'll see

(loud klaxon wails) (Roboraptor falling) And with that, its time for the next item How dare you try and knock out Wakey Pal? So, whoo, this got some heft to it (wrapping paper tears) This is Ken's item, I know this is 100% Ken's item This is a robotic camera A

KA, for many years now, Ken has wanted to go to Japan He's wanted to live in Japan, and just purely, hire a camera robot to do all of his work here for him Now, with this, the Obsbot, the auto director AI camera, his wish is about to be fulfilled

Why don't we take a look at what the Obsbot can do, and whether or not Ken can actually be replaced, 'cause you know what, sounds like a great idea to me "Feel the magic of AI camera" Oh, I'm about to feel the magic, all right So, Ken, what exactly is the point of an AI camera, to do all of your work for you? – [Ken] So I can remotely operate from anywhere in the world – So Ken, you got it set up right now, we're supposedly recording on it

So, I'm just gonna walk around a little bit I mean, it actually seems– Ken, are you doing anything right now? – No – This is all the camera – [Ken] Hands-free, hands-free – Okay

So, the verdict, is it time to replace Ken? I think its been time to cancel Ken for awhile, personally, but the thing is, with the Obsbot, we actually have the means to do it Look at this, full 360 degree shots, with zero Ken It also beeps a little bit when its not really happy with me I can see the video title for this already, "It's finally time to replace Ken" I don't know how lighting is and I certainly don't know, even though this is supposedly a 4k sensor, I don't really know what the actual image quality is going to look like

But this is the example of our future AI overlords, AKA, Ken's about to be out of a job How about this, for the rest of the video, we're just going to use the Obsbot instead of Ken, like no one touch it, we're just gonna let it roll, on all the things that I do

So, with my brand new Robo-Ken enabled, why don't we take a look at the next item? Whoo, all right So, the thing here, is that now that Ken is finally gone, that we finally– Wow, you know what I just realized? Wow, it's gonna be really sad around here Like, who am I going to make fun of for weeb references? Like, I don't know where Ken is even going to go at this point Oh, that's sad That's sad

So, why don't we take a look, shall we? So, hang on, wait, so I've seen Matt's gift, Ken's gift, Josh's gift and wait, Jimmy's the only one left "How do friendship lamps work?" Yeah, that sounds great, all right "Technology for humankind", all right, well let's, let's see what this is all about, shall we? What is a friendship lamp? "Lights that connect you with those you love, "no matter where they are in the world with a simple touch" Are these like internet connected lamps, that are going to like, vibrate or flash? All right, so with our friendship lamps paired, lets see what happens That's it? Whoa

Whoa – I think what this means is, when I'm in Japan, (laughing) I can take this, and then we can be reunited So, I'm just sitting here, Robo-Ken and I are shooting, and I'm like "Wonder how Ken's doing "Oh look, he's thinking of me right now" – Feeling pink

– Thank you very much, for watching this episode of Mystery Tech I'm not quite sure what happened, I'm not quite sure how we got to this point, but you know what I do know? Friends are the most important part of life Treasure yours this holiday season, and to all I bid a good night (Christmas bells)

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