This PC has a BUILT IN PS4!

(Austin groaning) – Hey guys, this is Austin, and today I'm making a very questionable decision Oh god, this is so heavy

This, actually I don't even know what it is You know it's serious though when you send it in a freaking crate (Austin drilling) – Okay Alright – [Ken] Whoa! – [Austin] What? – [Ken] Come take a look at the front – [Austin] PS4?! (upbeat techno music) – Wait, wait

Look, look at the back, Look at the back Look at the back So, you can see this is the PC part, you know, you got you motherboard and everything Look at this, You've got a power input an HDMI and a USB Did they build a PS4 into a PC case? Is that the title of the video right now? – [Austin] Remove internal before start up

I wonder if anyone's actually ever tried to turn it on with all that? Like, "Hm, my brand new gaming PC! "Looks a little weird inside but whatever!" Oh damn, all right, we got a 2080 Ti! What is this cable? It's going from PCI slot and it's going, It's being routed to the back? Is it like a capture card that's built into the PS4, maybe? – [Ken] That's probably what it is, so you can, you can run both – Ohhh! Okay – [Ken] Simultaneously – Alright, so we open up the back of the case – [Ken] Surprise me! – [Both] Ohhh! (laugh) – [Ken] There it is, yeah! Wait, they water cooled the– – [Austin] They water cooled the PS4! And they put, ah, that's so cool! – [Austin] Dude, this is like the ultimate PS4 streaming box (cardboard rustling) – Ohhh, A Scuf controller, you say? Okay, all right, all right – [Austin] So

(Ken laughing) What? (Ken laughing) – [Ken] Ohhh! – [Austin] What? Ohhh, What?! What? (Austin laughing) Did Matt put them up to this? Are you serious? – [Ken] Hold on, hold on Wait, wait, wait – What do we got here, Ken? (Ken giggling) He's speechless

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com/Austin or you can text "Austin" to "500 500" Again, that's Audiblecom/Austin or text "Austin" to "500 500" and a huge thank you to Audible for sponsoring this video! – Alright, ready? (upbeat techno music) Oooh! Okay So, the PC part is definitely firing up, no problem What I don't see is anything going on for the PS4 side

How do we get PS4 to turn on? – [Ken] Well, to be fair – Yes? – [Ken] So, this one's not turning on or spinning – [Austin] Yeah? – [Ken] But that's the one that actually cools the PS4 – Ohhh, you are very, very correct! So, maybe we need to get the PS But I just don't see how we're supposed to be turning on the PS4 right now – [Ken] YOLO (upbeat techno music) Nope (Austin laughing) – [Ken] that just restarted the computer, I'm sorry – Yes, that button did exactly what that button looks like it's going to do, um

So, after some technical difficulties, we have finally gotten our Big O fixed It was slightly damaged in shipping, however, I have to give Origin props So, this is a prototype system but even just in the last few weeks since we started working on this video, they've actually updated a few things on our specific system

So, now we have a Noctua fan as well as bracket for the capture card Now this is certainly not final, and some of the things that they're working on is adding a legitimate power button So, right now when you go to plug it in, you have to turn it on with the controller but, now you'll actually be able to use a power button and they also are adding an ethernet jack So, those are the two of the things that when I initially looked at it, I was like, "Eh" But they're working on it for the final version Take a look here, in OBS we have a 4K 60 feed of Battlefront, so I can move around and everything works just fine But on top of that, we're of course running full Windows Now the real idea behind this system is that, first and foremost, I think most people are going to be interested in this for streaming because with a single computer, you're of course having all the power you want, you can load it up with everything up to like a 2080 TI and a Core i9, but the cool thing is you have a PS4, you have a XBOX built in with the capture card

So, this is all I need to play and stream games at the same time but if you really want to be extra with it you can theoretically have like a second TV hooked up, be playing PS4 on one side, be playing PC games on the other side, streaming it, doing whatever you want, and it's all in one single box Is it for everyone, absolutely not! When it comes to building the ultimate PS4, well, adding a PC on this side's pretty cool Well, the only slight down side is that while you do have a lot of things that they will be adding, like ethernet and everything like that, you still do not have a disc drive, so you will need to install discs digitally, however, with a one terabyte SSD to your PS4, not exactly the end of the world So, let's play, single player 'cause I suck So inside Windows, I will start recording, so, we should have a 4K 60 feed

And now if I switch back to the PS4 Now, mind you, what you should be doing here is using two different displays, not one, but I only have one here so I'm just switching back and forth This is certainly not final hardware, but I've got to say the Big O is fairly quiet, especially considering we have a Core i9, and RTX 2080 Ti, and of course a full PS4 Pro built in as well Oh, that HDR's real (beeping) Whoa, what? "The PS4 is too hot, turn off the PS4 and wait "until the temperature goes down

" (acoustic guitar) Oh Oh, okay, um So, now would be a good time to mention that the thermals are not final yet Um So, I can immediately tell that it's quite hot on the sides Ooh, yeah, that's almost 50 degrees with this exhaust right here So, looking at it here, I mean, the capture card is warm, which makes sense, it's a capture card But the actual PS4 internals don't seem to be particularly warm I mean, yeah, there's definitely some heat up by like the power supply but nothing that I would consider to be incredibly dangerous

What's interesting here is if you take a look at the thermal solution, it's actually a little bit unusual So, inside, what you have here is you have a 240mm radiator, which is dedicated for the CPU Fine, reasonable, but on top of that, we also have our 120 mm radiator, which is dumping all the heat from the PS4 Then we have one additional fan Now, I wonder, in their testing, Origin claims that they're able to play a PC game maxed out as well as the PS4 and have no issues

However, this has been running for maybe 30 minutes now and we're getting, yeah, "PS4 is too hot" warnings I don't want to be too unfair, this is still a prototype, they still have a lot of work that they can do with this, however, it does concern me that's a lot of power, right? And consider that, it's starting to get a little warm and we don't even have a game running on the PC right now Okay, so, PS4 is running, let's go ahead a fire up a Deus Ex benchmark and see what happens So, like, right now, our CPU is only at about 65 degrees So, the CPU is well within temperature

Um, on the PC side So, the PC doesn't seem to have any major issues It does seem like the real issue here is PS4 I think it is holding up, I'm definitely not Dying right now – [Ken] It hasn't turned off yet – [Austin] Yeah, like realistically, this is a high end PC with basically a kind of, a three quarters of another gaming PC that also has to cool with the PS4 Like, I get the idea, but if you take a look at the backside, obviously, this is plenty of room for the PS4 motherboard and everything, but the fact is still have to cool that, and that little exhaust fan in the back is, I think, way more so for like cooling the VRM and like the power supply, the main chunk of heat is definitely going into the PC side of the case with the 120 mm radiator

And I'm not totally convinced that that's going to be enough I kind of think though that a 240 mm radiator up front is going to be necessary, but as of right now, I think it is a very cool concept, but I'm really curious to see exactly what the final version looks like when it goes on sale! At some point, in the future Or maybe we should try the Xbox one next? (upbeat techno music) Oh, that's I actually didn't wear this shirt intentionally today on purpose (Austin laughing) It's like, of course the Xbox fanboy is making fun of the PS4

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