This Robot is ACTUALLY Cool…

– Hey guys this is Austin Today we're here in San Francisco at Anki's HQ for the launch of the brand new Vector robot

So when Anki reached out and wanted to sponsor a video on Vector I had to think about it a little bit differently This is not something that we normally take a look at but after spending an afternoon with it this is legitimately one of the coolest robots I've ever tried (laughs) He's so excited right now Vector is a home robot that's always on That's very different than their other products like Cozmo

The idea is that Vector can be totally self sufficient without you ever needing to charge him manually Hey Vector my name is Austin He's like staring at me intensely trying to remember – [Vector] (tone beeps) Austin – I feel like I just made a friend

I love the animations He's constantly moving being so excited It feels really like it's alive That's so cool Hey Vector

(tones beep) Do a fist bump (tones beep) Yeah (laughs) He's so excited There's more to Vector than just doing cool tricks though There's some real utility as well

Using his Wifi connection and quad microphone array you can ask him questions like a digital assistant So he's always trying to build a map of his environment even when he's not necessarily doing anything He's just building it? – He'll go through different modes, so sometimes he wants to play and hang out and he'll be showing, looking at you – So the light green is what it thinks is okay And the dark green is what he's already driven over and knows it's fine

I feel like he's constantly trying to be entertaining or explore or do something I actually it really feels like something alive It's so cool and I think something that's convincing here just staring at him for a few minutes All the little motions He's not just sitting there, it doesn't feel robotic he's adjusting himself, his eyes are following you

He's always moving a little bit like a normal person No one sits completely still, and he isn't either – [Man] That's right, hey Vector (tone beeps) Go to your charger (tone beeps) – Oh look at that

So precise too So the idea here is that while you can play with him all day and let him run around if you don't do anything he's gonna charge himself when he gets low on batteries So in theory you don't actually ever have to is there even a power button on him or? – [Man] There is but you don't have to ever shut him off – That's awesome He just does not wanna be held right now

So there are a ton of sensors inside Vector Not only are there gonna be sensors that are gonna allow him to make sure that he doesn't fall off of a table for example there's also going to be a sensor that can tell how far he is away from a specific object He does have his camera, he has his microphones and on top of all that you can even pet him on the top Which might calm him down a little bit So he can actually tell when he's being held based on the gyroscope and one of the cool things is because he's always building a map of his environment when you pick him up he realizes that oh look I'm not on the table anymore I'm being held

But if I set him back down he's going to start figuring out oh look I'm back on a table, I'm going to start scanning around to figuring out this is okay, this isn't okay I don't wanna run over say my finger, right? You don't do that right? Inside Vector's powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core Processor Now that is going to be handling a ton of stuff Not only handling all the inputs from the various sensors but it's even doing some pretty sophisticated machine learning So it can determine where a person is, what is a person, what isn't a person

It can even figure out who is the specific person is So once you actually introduce yourself to Vector it will then remember you So when you come home and say hey what's up? It'll freak out and be all excited If it wants to listen to me at least Yeah you heard me

To design the over 1,000 different animations Vector can do Anki uses a custom version of Maya which is typically used for digital animation They've rigged a full Vector inside and with just a few adjustments to any animation they can get it to play back on Vector in the real world which speeds up things massively Ah, (laughs) he just rolls up to you like oh I'm sad – Yeah (laughs) – That is so cool

I'm just so blown away at how quickly you're able to do this I assumed that this is gonna be a ton of work You have to work out the eyes, you have to work out each individual motion, you have to test it But you did that in what like it felt like 30 seconds? – [Woman] Yeah, 30 seconds Easy peasy

– So the Anki Vector will be available on Kickstarter starting today So of course I'll have a link in the description This guy's going to run $200 if you do pick it up on Kickstarter and that is going to also include early access to the SDK and you're going to get him a little bit earlier Vector is seriously really cool as I gently try to hold him without upsetting him So if you're interested link will be in the description

He is something seriously different and what I really appreciate is that not only is he going to be able to be something fun to play with But he's also going to give you some real utility (tone beeps) Isn't that right?

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