This Walmart Gaming Laptop Doesn’t Suck…

– Hey guys, this is Austin This is the Walmart Gaming Laptop

Now you might've seen some of the other videos going around on some other gaming desktops which are of dubious value and dubious quality But this one, this one actually might not be too bad So what makes this special is the price When it first went on sale only, what, like a few weeks ago? It was $1,000, but we picked this one up for $700 and checking the walmartcom website right now it is available for only 600 bucks

I mean take a look at these specs: the i5 is solid, and while the 1050 might not be all that impressive, at $600, this has a lot going for it If it actually stays $600, that is So we get that Overpowered, a little bit of a cliche for the brand, but this box actually looks kinda cool, I gotta say, it's not bad So first impressions are pretty decent, it has brushed metal on the front and the back panel, even though it is plastic, seems very sturdy, especially considering how many vents are here So while this boots up, let's take a look at what else is inside the box, which I assume, for $600, not gonna be a lot

There's the power adapter, which is here 120w Now with a 1050 and Core i5 on board this is not the most powerful of gaming laptops but should still be able to play a lot of games at pretty reasonable settings at 1080p So this OP brand has a really bad rap right now, and at $1,000 this laptop does have some pretty major issues At 600 or 700 bucks, though, it's a very different story So take the processor, for example, it's a Core i5 8300H, which means it's quad core, it's 45w, this is a proper gaming CPU, no problem

The GTX 1050, on the other hand, isn't quite as powerful, so, realistically, even though it does have that 144Hz display, I'll talk about that in a second, it's not really going to be capable of playing a lot of games at that very high resolution, and especially that very high frame rate, but the thing is, it's still way better than pretty much anything else you're finding at this price point Looking round the laptop, we actually have a pretty decent selection of ports So a pair of USB 30, SD card, a pair of mini display as well as HDMI, we have USB C, as well as ethernet, and one more USB 20

A mechanical keyboard on a gaming laptop is usually reserved for computers which are much, much more expensive Now this is not maybe the greatest keyboard I've ever used, it does have a little bit of that tactile feel, but it also isn't quite as responsive as something like some of those higher end Razer Switches but that being said it's totally not bad and we have a fairly wide range of RGB options So, this is the really obnoxious one but if I switch over to the OP software (laughs) I mean, they've definitely got some interesting options Now, I don't personally care too much as long I have a backlit keyboard I'm fine, but the keyboard situation here is really on par with much more expensive laptops, another point for the Walmart OP Gaming Laptop Of course, you can't build a laptop for way cheaper without some sacrifices

Now, based on those desktops there were some actually pretty major issues, so I'm really curious to see what's inside this guy I will give them this: it's easy to open up the laptop All you need to do is undo 16 Phillips' screws and we should be inside in no time Oh, warranty seal! Ah ha! So, maybe there's 18 screws and I need to remove the seal I will say, having a warranty seal on the bottom of the laptop, even if you want to say add RAM or something, that's kind of ridiculous

Yeah, that's not ok With our warranty voided, let's see what we've got inside the laptop That's ok, so, first of all, we've got our two and a half inch hard drive, we've got a fairly small 46Wh battery, there's our Intel wireless card, underneath this little flap we have a single 8GB of RAM and under the other it is empty, so you could theoretically upgrade this pretty easily We also do have our 128GB NVMe SSD, or at least that's an M2, I doubt it, it's probably still SATA, but what's kind of impressive is we actually have an entirely unused SSD slot So, very easily you could upgrade this with another SSD, with some more memory, you could even probably swap out this hard drive without too much trouble

So not only do we have a pair of fans, but we have three heat pipes as well as a heat sink on the left side, on the top, another one on the top, and another one on the side Now I haven't gotten into any gaming yet, but especially with only a GTX 1050 inside, this looks to be more than adequate So if we jump into a quick game of Fortnite, there's a few things that jump out to me First of all, 1080p medium, we are getting 70 to 80 frames per second Sure, it's not going to be taking advantage of that full 144Hz refresh rate, but it is a lot better than a normal display and even on the Walmart website they show this is the only gaming laptop with a 144Hz screen for 999, even though now the price is 599

And speaking of the display, it is really nice So not only is it very vibrant, the colors especially look very accurate, no you don't, no you don't, no you don't, no you don't, no you don't, I want to go get him I want to go get him No, I'm gonna get him – [Ken] It's not worth it if you fight him

– [Austin] Argh! Oh, no you don't, no you don't, no you do not, no you do not Dude, I got a full Yes! Yes! I did it, I did it! Hahaha! Hahahahaha! So one of the issues with only having two gigs of RAM for that 1050 is that, for example, here in Black Ops we're almost out of RAM, I'm curious to see how well this actually performs

So with the resolution turned down to about 900p, we are getting a pretty playable frame rate It's actually in the 60 to 70 range, the main issue here is that because the 1050 only does have two gigs of RAM it does limit kind of how high we can actually crank the settings here Watch, it's basically limiting the GPU at 66 I would not want it to throttle at 66 I would be ok with this thing living at 70, 75 all day, that's not enough to worry me, I'd much rather have the quieter fans, I suppose

So Overwatch is actually a pretty good game for this system So we're at 1080p high, and right now we're getting about 80 to 90 frames per second, definitely well in the range of that 144Hz display Hamster dude coming in, coming in hot, there you go, hahaha, hamster dude's fun, man Hamster dude's really fun OP are almost certainly losing money on every single one of these they sell, at $600, and yes, you are taking a little bit of a risk by going with a fairly brand new and unknown company

But considering just what you're getting for this kind of price, it's hard to go wrong

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