Unboxing the iPhone XS Max

– Hey guys, this is Austin Welcome to the launch of the iPhone XS and the XS Max

This is gonna be a fun one Of course, not only do we have the S model update to the standard iPhone X, but we also have the much larger Max edition I think a lot of people were kind of expecting this when the iPhone X first came out, but what you're getting here is something that is much closer to the iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus in size Open this guy up, and what we're going to find is probably the exact same thing that you'd find with every iPhone since the dawn of time; some paperwork with our obligatory Apple stickers and the Max This is actually the first time I've held the Max

It's big; it's pretty big On top of having a Max edition available, there's also a new gold color for the XS as well as the XS Max I'm usually not a fan of gold I have to say though, this doesn't look so bad It's a little bit more of a, what would you call it? It's like a taupe

I guess call it a Band-Aid color – [Male Voice] What is a taupe? – Taupe, it's brownish, but a lot of beige – [Male Voice] Beige – Even though it's a much larger phone, you know what else we're gonna find in the box? The same five-watt charger that they've been shipping since 2007 Yes, my friends, even though you've got a massive battery and a huge display, it's still going to take you like, what, two, three hours to charge the phone

For real, it's totally ridiculous that they ship such a tiny, cheap adapter in the box when they actually sell other alternatives which will charge the iPhone much faster If you wanna shell out $50 for the USB-C adapter and another 20 for the USB-C to Lightning cable, you can get your phone charged much, much quicker But instead, they put this in the box, so yeah What I like to see on my $1,000-plus phone The XS also does come with Apple earpods

As a surprise to no one, there's no headphone jack here Instead, it does take advantage of Lightning I don't know why that flopped open like that What you're not going to find here is a headphone jack adapter Yes, my friends, the thing that's been included on iPhones for the last couple years, that 35-cent part to manufacture little adapter that will make your headphones work on your iPhone, not included in the box

That's gonna run you another 20 bucks Or is it 15? – [Male Voice] I thought it was 10 – Is it 10? It's still $10; no, they should include it I don't mind the idea that they are still shipping a Lightning cable with USB-A, but this is an expensive phone Why are they cutting out things? Why are they removing things when they should be making it better? If we open up the standard XS, what we're going to find is a phone that is very, very similar to the X

What I'm mostly curious about, though, is the actual size difference Put the XS side by side with the Max and you do get a much, much larger display Whereas this has a 58-inch panel, you're getting a full 6 1/2 inches Do you remember the days where a seven-inch phone was called a tablet? Look at the difference, man

This is the original iPhone versus the Max That's ridiculous But you know what, it kind of works I feel like everyone's gotten onboard with the large phone train, and a big reason we're here is because of the good old Galaxy Note Even though we have such a larger display, the actual footprint of the iPhone XS Max isn't really all that much larger than, say, an iPhone 6 Plus, 7 Plus, what have you

It is going to be a little bit shorter than the Note, but it's not as crazy as I was anticipating it to be When it comes to telling the iPhone X apart from the XS, they're very similar except for one major difference If you look on the bottom of the phone, where the X is nice and symmetrical with the speaker and the microphone, the XS has a little bit of an antenna line which cuts that short The main reason for this is that it should give you better reception We're actually going to test that a little bit later

Supposedly we're going to be getting more antennas for better Wi-Fi, as well as LTE reception But it looks a little ugly Not sure how this passed Jony Ive and the boys There's also a slight difference in the size of the camera bump To illustrate this, I have a XS Max in a XS Max case

You can see that it goes pretty much fully around the camera, but if you put an iPhone X in a XS case, you can see it's going to be a little bit misshapen, specifically on the bottom It doesn't quite line up Most iPhone X cases should work with a XS and vice versa, but you might wanna keep an eye on that The camera bump is going to be just a little bit bigger One of the big upgrades this year is the A12 Bionic chip

They've claimed some pretty decent performance improvements, but the first thing I've noticed as soon as I open up Geekbench is we have more memory Before, we had three gigs of RAM on the iPhone X, but this year we have four gigs on both the XS as well as the Max Interesting Whereas the X is a little bit slower than the XS Max as well as the XS, it's by a pretty small difference The single core is a little bit higher, but the multi-core is actually very similar

The days of saving 50% CPU performance every year might just be over Although to be fair, these are still the fastest phones I've ever tested, so yeah One of the bigger upgrades this year is with the camera The main shooter has been upgraded on both the XS as well as the Max with a larger sensor, and it also has Smart HDR functionality Wow, look at the difference in range

So with the XS, we're actually getting all of the detail on your face, whereas the Max is blowing out not only Matt's face in the background, but also stuff like your cheek The portrait mode also does look a fair bit better Not only do we have that better dynamic range, but we're also seeing that it's a little bit more accurate as far as cutting people out of the photo, and the ability to adjust the depth of field after the fact is really nice It's not perfect; definitely has some more work to do, but it does look a lot more natural than the X as well as the 8 Plus So is the iPhone XS Max worth it? You're gonna have to stay tuned, my friends, because we're going to be doing an entire video all about that

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