Unboxing the Original Game Boy!

– Hey guys this is Austin and today I'm here with a really fun one This is an original 1989 Nintendo Game Boy, not a smart phone, oh no, this is the old school, the original, portable handheld

If you hadn't noticed I am a giant fan of Game Boys and nothing gets me more excited than something that's been literally sitting in the box for 27 years First of all, this box is in incredible condition So we've got official Game Boy compact video game system, in case you were looking for the unofficial Game Boy The Game Boy system features a complete library of exclusive Nintendo game packs We've got Super Mario Land, Baseball and Tennis

Can't recall ever playing Baseball or Tennis on the Game Boy that sounds exciting (laughing) Popular accessories, a hip pouch Cause you know you want a fanny pack for your Game Boy Nothing says 1989 like keeping your Game Boy in a fanny pack Alright, so we've got some styrofoam, which again looks really nice for something that's been sitting in the box for over 20 years

Ayy, this is no joke though like, unbelievably well preserved We have a custom 8-bit CMOS CPU and 2x 64 kilobit static RAM, cutting edge right there Comes with a link cable? There weren't actually a ton of Game Boy games that took advantage of this and of course, for me, Pokemon was the big one And there it is Ahh it's so clean

Unlike the fancy new systems of today which come with this cool new invention called rechargeable batteries, the original Game Boy was rocking four AAs Up front we have what is the most important part of the Game Boy, the kind of terrible screen So this was before you had a backlit screen on Nintendo handhelds so first of all you're completely reliant on trying to find that one little bit of light from the window to be able to actually see what you are doing and on top of that it's entirely green Something you definitely don't get with modern gaming on smartphones are these just incredible controls The actual feedback you get from them, I mean sure, they're a little bit rubbery, they're a little bit springy but just that feel, you can't beat it

The coolest part of this cutting edge 1989 technology is that it has something that even some of the latest, hottest, most expensive new gadgets don't have, a headphone jack We also have Tetris itself (exclaims) I feel like I'm a spot off, no – What kind of game is this Evans? – This is called the original Tetris Rekt! – So 10 outta 10, would not recommend

– Okay, go away Now it's time for something a little bit more my speed, Pokemon (Pokemon game tune) It's crazy, no matter how many times I play with the original Game Boy there is something special about this and of course I know a lot of it's the nostalgia talking but the idea of being able to have a portable system that was yours, right, like when I was a kid I didn't have my own game system I had to share it, right, but this was my thing so it(sighs) For product information, service or repair please call 1-800-255-3700 – [Recorded Voice] Hi, thank you for calling Nintendo Let's connect you to a specialist quickly Let's get started – Yeah that's it, yeah, I can't get on Netflix

– [Recorded Voice] If you are trying to connect to the internet or need help with a system update press one – It's just the WiFi's not working

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