Walking Through 311,040,000 Pixels…

– Hey guys, this is Austin Today, I'm here in Berlin at IFA 2018 for one reason and one reason only, see exactly what LG has been cooking up

Little hint: it's very loud, and it's got a whole lot of OLEDs So LG sponsored a trip out here to take a look at some of the cool stuff they've got in the booth including the OLED Canyon This is over 200 OLED TVs that are all put together in a, well, pretty crazy setup I mean, come on, seriously This is ridiculous

I mean, I can barely see the pixels Definitely the highlight this year though is going to be the LG's ThinQ initiative Now if you think about it, LG makes a ton of different products, right? They make TVs, they make phones, they make speakers, they make appliances There's a lot there And with ThinQ, all of it can actually talk to each other and be actually smart

Now, I'm sure you've heard this many, many times, but LG is one of the very few companies who legitimately makes almost all this stuff So they can get all of it to work together as we're about to see It could be pretty cool Nothing shows this off better than the InstaView ThinQ Now, obviously this is going to be a very high-end refrigerator with a screen as you can see, but it also does have ALEXA built in

So, if I say, "ALEXA, what's the weather in Berlin?" – [ALEXA] Right now in Berlin, Germany it's 20 degrees Celsius with mostly sunny skies Tonight's forecast has clouds, with a low of 11 degrees – [Austin] This should give you a good idea of what ThinQ is capable of When all of the devices in your home are all talking together, it can make a big difference to what you can actually do Plus, you have cool stuff like that

I mean, come on, it's a transparent screen on your fridge I'm easily amused by these things The fun doesn't stop there either So because so many things here at the booth are connected via ThinQ, I can do some fun stuff like this: "Hey Google, talk to Natuzzi" – [Google] How can I help you? – I like to watch TV

Yeah, there we go Well yes, I could've reclined myself like a normal person and use the remote to turn on the TV, but this does a good job of showing just how ThinQ can legitimately make a lot of things automated and a lot of things a lot easier Play Austin Evan's videos on YouTube My friends, this is definitely the future Well okay, maybe not watching my own videos is the future, but you can imagine that with ThinQ on board you're entire house could be connected and you could do all kinds of really interesting things just using purely the power of your voice and a lot of technology, but you know, it seems like it's just your voice So you guys know I love myself some LG monitors and they actually have a brand new line here at IFA

So known as UltraGear, they're pretty much all aimed at being high refresh rate and very much focused on gaming The wonderfully named 27 GK 750F, aka, a super high refresh rate monitor (laughs) I can't even do it with a straight face, but it will run a full 240 frames per second

My favorite of the new UltraGear monitors is the 34 GK 950G Don't worry I'm not going to remember that It's the new UltraWide So not only is this going to be a little bit of an update as far as the actual screen and what not, it does look pretty nice that it has an IPS display It's definitely going to look a little bit better than the other monitors, but we're still going to be getting a full 100 Hz, 122 on overclocking, and you do get that 3440x1440p res

Now this guy, I think is a little bit more interesting mostly just because you're going to be getting the extra frame rate without sacrificing resolution or screen quality But all three of these monitors do look interesting and they'll be on sale at some point right? I'm getting a nod that they will be on sale, indeed at some point You're probably familiar with the LG G7 ThinQ It's been out for a couple of months now It's about as high-end as a flagship gets, but today at IFA, they've announced a couple of other editions to the G7 lineup starting with the G7 One

This is going to be slight downgrade as far as some features so you're to be losing the dual cameras, it's going to have a slightly different design, but what you're going to be gaining is Android One So as opposed to running LG's skin with all their software, instead you're getting a very pixel-like experience here which personally, I am actually kind of a fan of And importantly this should be cheaper We don't have an actual price just yet, but considering that they've downgraded a couple of the hardware things, such as the Snapdragon 845 to an 835, while still keeping a lot of the other stuff, like the screen and what not available Hopefully this is going to be a pretty interesting phone

Behind me is one of the more interesting things of the show, an 88 inch 8K OLED TV, or at least it used to be behind me They've switched it out with a 4K OLED, but I got to take a look at the real 8K yesterday and it looks phenomenal So first of all this is going to be the very first 8K TV that LG has done and the very first time that someone's been able to do 8K with OLED, which obviously OLED if you guys aren't familiar is the best way of doing TVs I'm not even saying that in a biased way I mean, OLED just looks really, really nice

But the idea that you're going to be getting a full 8K pictures means that while yes, there's very little 8K content out there If you're able to find some it's gonna look terrific and it will of course upscale 1080p and 4K stuff to 8K So if you want the biggest and baddest OLED TV you could possibly imagine this is actually going to be going on sale soon And we don't have an exact price or release date just yet, but LG says this is going to be production ready and well, it's going to be expensive But, you know, an 8K OLED TV that's the size of your wall, sounds pretty good to me

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