Wasting $820 at a PAWN SHOP

– Hey guys, this is Austin I just spent a lot of money on tech from a pawn shop, so we're talking MacBook, Xbox, Switch, PlayStation, you name it, to find out should you buy your tech at a pawn shop or not

– [Ken] Who asked you this question? – No one asked me this question, but it needs to be answered regardless Okay, that's a lot So, we went maybe a little overboard, but you know So, the grand total for everything we purchased here was $830 Next, we have one of my favorite items, which is a 2011 MacBook, I believe

And we actually did a video on a MacBook very similar to this recently, and it's actually really straight forward to upgrade one of these guys to be a completely usable system today here in 2020 So, first of all, I actually wanna take this apart a little bit and make sure that it's in decent condition This is a very sturdy case, wow, okay What the fu, dude, come on, man? I got this, I got this, there we go, okay (upbeat music) Yeah, okay, that's not great

Well, actually, you know what, no, no, no, this is fine It's a little bit scratched but it's mostly just dirty This is literally just wiping off with my finger The shift key actually has, it looks like it's been melted or warped There's a little dent in it

All right, what do we have here? Oh, that looks very boring, okay That looks like a, what the, this is just dust, ugh! – [Ken] Plaster – Plaster, yeah Oh, look, there's also a little bit of stickiness over here I wonder if someone at some point spilled a drink on their laptop

Ah, man, I miss Magsafe, just that satisfying metallic magnet, clonk So, it is the i7 model, so it actually is an upgrade So, that's like second gen Sandy Bridge, four gigs of ram, HD 3000 graphics, as well as we have the display We have that 250 gig hard drive showing up, as well as we have the four gigs of ram – We got it

– Yeah, see, 1080p video works no problem However, I think we may have paid slightly too much for this guy So, it's only just a little bit less than that 2012 MacBook that I bought, and the main difference is that was just new enough to be still supported under Mac OS, very easy to upgrade This guy is just one year behind, which means that, well, we really can't do that much to it as far as on the software side This one I'm gonna give like a eh, it's about the right price, but I feel like we could have got this on eBay for pretty much the exact same amount

Next up we have our $40 PlayStation One Now, what really drew us to this one was pretty much entirely the condition Most of the time, you look at these things, they start to yellow, they start to get a little bit beat up, but this is in pretty much perfect condition It also helps that I had to use one of these for the build off, and maybe caused some problems with it So, regardless, I need another PlayStation

So, let's toss a copy of Gran Turismo in and see if this thing actually works I really hope it does (PlayStation boot chime) Mmm Oh (PlayStation chime intensifies) Wooh, oof, oof, it gives me chills, man

(upbeat music) I played so much Gran Turismo, not even funny (upbeat music) Oh no, no! No, no! Get in there I'm not, no, no, you don't, no, you don't I am not losing this race I need fifth at least

All right, I got him here They always go really wide here There we go, there we go, there we go, there we go, there we go Cheating Yeah, come on, a little bit

Yes, go, go, go! How am I out dragging a Mustang? Whatever, oh, I've got the Evo, too I got the Evo, I got the Evo, yes! Yes, yes, look, Gran Turismo 2 is the game I grew up with Does it matter I didn't actually win? That's totally fine All right, so, we'll continue with the video Let's take a look at the Switch next

One thing I can really say about the exterior of the Switch, it a little bit sort of beat up here You know you have that sweat on your hands and it kind of eats through plastic sometimes? It's a little bit smooth 'cause you can see someone definitely kind of, it's not beaten up or anything, but it's a little bit sort of weathered If I only had enough charge to actually turn on We'll be right back (clock ticking) So, while we wait for the Switch to charge, let's take a look at our 29

95 Apple TV A lot of people are selling it for between 30 and $40 So, this is actually a perfectly reasonable price That actually looks pretty, oh, hey, look at that And it works, let's get this on, oh

– [Man] Anyways, there's a lot of special spiritual connections between the Dreamcast and the original Xbox I feel like a lot of the folks at Sega to bring on that content also to Xbox, and we were learning a lot from them – How very strange, very strange – [Ken] Oh, no, no, no, it's not strange Did it just attach to the AirPlay? (upbeat music) – Oh, what, Ken? Ken, I've forgotten that was a thing! This is the same remote they use on the Apple TV that works on the MacBook, dude! I'm curious, so we have a lot of apps such as Prime Video and Netflix, and oh, actually, YouTube

– iPad is better than a console at gaming – No problem, okay, 30 bucks, I'm gonna give that a thumbs up (upbeat music) It works Now, let's take a look at our Switch, which seems to be charged up enough Okay, well, this is also logged into someone's account

What is this, Jaden? Oh, no, sorry Jaden Okay, it's a little sticky, but you know what? That's not the worst thing I've ever tried Yeah, no, this is fine I think, realistically, you could probably clean that out a little bit and it would be just fine Clearly, it's not even like the Joycon drift

It's just literally like someone got this thing dirty at one point, didn't really clean it out So, for context, if I wanted to buy a full Switch setup with a working Joycon as well as a dock, it would cost about $250 Now, if I wanna just get the dock by itself, we're looking at about $35 Now, you can get third party docks for cheaper, but even with that dock, we're looking at, what, just a little bit over $200 for a fully working Switch and a dock And, realistically, if you don't wanna use this as a docked console, if you just wanna use it as a Switch Lite, you're getting something which is actually cheaper and has more capability

It's a little bit of a gamble The stick is a little bit on the sticky side, but I actually think this is the best deal we've gotten That's actually pretty solid So, next, let's take a look at the Xbox One Now, at $100, I'm pretty confident that that's a better deal than you would get, mostly, for an Xbox

So, we bought an Xbox One just like this at GameStop for $160 So, besides being a little bit scuffed up, which to be fair, most of these original Xbox Ones are just because they have so much glossy plastic on them, it seems to be in pretty good shape The good thing is is that the disc drive does definitely work I was able to install the disc, no problem The controller is actually in pretty good shape

Dude, I feel pretty confident in saying that this Xbox is a good deal It seems to work, no problem, and as far as everything we've taken a look at so far, thumbs up Next up, we have the iMac, which again, we got for just a little bit under $100 Now, actually, since you were the one who used to use this iMac, do you want to take the lead on this one? – Sure, so as a surprise to no one, I was actually a bit of a spoiled child growing up – [Austin] No

– But I grew, thank you Yeah, this is giving me some flashbacks I actually started my channel with this computer about I think it was two weeks before, wooh, that sound I think I started my channel like two weeks before you did – [Austin] Wow, show off

– Well, I mean, one of us made it, and the other one's working for the other one now, so – [Austin] Oh, yeah, that worked out for me – Who is showing off now? (laughter) So, this guy is rocking a two gigahertz Core 2 Duo, two gigs of ram, as well as 128 megabyte Radeon 2400 XT Now, the main thing here upon looking at eBay is that we didn't save money We actually lost a little bit

Not exactly a terrible deal considering the condition, and a lot of the sets that you see on here for this price also don't include a mouse and keyboard So, it's not too far off – [Austin] Okay, so we're within a few dollars of what this is worth, but we're a little bit expensive Do you feel old yet, or no? – A little bit, a little bit – [Austin] Do you know what you can do to feel even older? (upbeat music) – Right, we bought this, too, and we can actually, if I go into extras, play my favorite game of all time

– [Austin] Really? – It's not here Whatever that game is with the moving line on the bottom, the ball that bounces off the blocks – [Austin] Oh, gosh, I know what that's called – It's that game – [Austin] Yeah, Breakout

– Sure Oh, and if we're lucky, someone's music's on here already – [Austin] Oh – Oh, it's Michael's iPod, that's his name – [Austin] Michael

– That was our previous owner's name Okay, so music, gonna have to power, oh, okay – [Austin] Oh, no – Okay, so the battery might be shot Oh, it just shut off

– [Austin] Oh, no – That was enough to brick it and put it in recovery mode – [Austin] Oh, no – So, we cannot listen to Michael's music anymore – [Austin] (laughs) Oh, no

– You can get some of them on eBay for around the same price A lot of 'em are in poor grade like this one The main thing is that you can actually get them refurbished Oh, yeah, it's by a third party, but it's $240 – [Austin] So, theoretically, if the battery is okay

This is not a bad deal – Yeah, no, in theory it's not a bad deal I think it could be better, but $100, you know, and maybe a DIY project to have fun with on the weekends I think that's okay – So, did we make the right decision in buying a lot of very expensive electronics from pawn shops? Generally, yes

So, the MacBook is a okay deal It wasn't particularly good, but the important thing was is that we were able to get it and it works pretty much just fine PlayStation, I'm actually pretty proud of While the price wasn't anything special, the condition is actually really impressive Now, on the Apple TV front, I think it's fine, I think a lot of people would prefer this over something like the Chromecast, and the important thing here is that we actually got it for slightly less than what we would normally pay

The Switch is an interesting one While it does have some slight damage, I think that's well worth the $60 that we saved in buying it and especially if you don't care about the dock or you wanna pick it up for cheap, pretty solid Xbox, two thumbs up, $100 is really hard to argue with considering just how much of a console you're getting, Blu-Ray player, all that kind of stuff And that leaves us with the old school Apple products iMac, this one was a little expensive

I'll completely admit it, we probably paid $20 too much for it However, with the iPod, it's tough because the iPod itself was actually a good deal, but the issue is is that the battery is still functioning but it's really low So, if we don't mind spending a few bucks and replacing the battery, this is actually a really solid deal Without it, it's a little bit tough to go for But that, my friends, is a look at some of the items we got from pawn shops

Let us know in the comments below if you wanna see another video like this Definitely be sure to subscribe to see more tech hijinks and shenanigans And until next time, Ken is gonna be switching over to the iMac, and I'll be playing Gran Turismo 2 (placid music)

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