We Need To Stop Wasting Money on Amazon…

♪ Spider Pig, Spider Pig ♪ ♪ Does whatever Spider Pig does ♪ – Do you hear that? That's the sound of a brand new mystery tech! (cheers) Okay (laughs) This is Kraft Macaroni And Cheese

– [Matt] Deluxe – It says, "Old com" (rolls) – [Matt] Corn – Old corn in a Why is there an Echo on my desk? Okay, an Amazon box A glass plate? Is this a microwave? Okay, so if you guys are not familiar with this, Ken actually did an entire video on the main channel a few months ago where he went out to the Amazon event, and took a look at this, the Alexa powered microwave Whew Wait, hang on, I don't understand

Do we need the Echo Dot and the microwave? I thought the microwave had Alexa built in – [Ken] No, you need both – Oh Okay So to set this up, I need to press and hold two on the microwave keypad for four seconds (microwave beeps) Succ! Succ! (laughs) Off to a great start Hey (bleep), microwave for ten seconds (microwave beeps) Ooh

– [Alexa] Ten seconds, power ten – Okay What can you do with this, though? For real it'll turn on and off the microwave, but isn't that always easier to just, reach over and do yourself? I still have to go put the stuff in the microwave, right? – [Ken] So, put the mac and cheese in – [Matt] What, oh, you can't just put the mac and cheese in – Yeah you gotta like, put the water in

– [Ken] You know what I mean (laughs) Cook macaroni and cheese in the microwave – [Alexa] For how long? – Two minutes? (microwave beeps) – [Alexa] Two minutes, power ten – Okay You know what? It's kinda useless, not really practical, but it's cool

Oh, dude This could go horribly wrong! If you live with someone who's a (bleep), they're gonna make everything burn forever (laughs) (bleep) – [Ken] Add 30 minutes to the microwave – No (microwave beeps) No! – [Alexa] 30 minutes added

– Woo, yeah, there we go That's a little aggressive but that's okay Okay, it's a little too watery, I will admit (slurps) (laughs) – [Matt] How do you mess up making Easy Mac? – Oh, look Something for me to do a video on as I eat my mac and cheese

The Tivoo Smart Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker (thuds) Is there a reason why you just put the Red Hydrogen down on the desk? I mean, you know what, I will say this does look kind of cool I mean, it's straight-up like a retro 50s TV ♪ How much money you got ♪ ♪ How much money you got ♪ ♪ How much ♪ – Hey guys, this is Austin This little box doesn't look like much, but inside is one of strangest toys- – There we go, that's the move

You know what? It's not the most practical thing in the world, but it does sound pretty decent as a Bluetooth speaker Importantly, the build quality and the look is totally on point It looks really nice, and I mean the pixel stuff is interesting If it was me, I'd probably just set it to one thing and forget about it But, yeah, not bad

(chews) Hey, can you just let me eat my mac and cheese for like, one second please? – [Matt] My mac and cheese – Thank you, your mac and cheese "The Carbo Tenor Composite Dynamic Headphones" Last time Ken brought some headphones out for mystery tech he had the excellent Final E4000 which are still in my bag to this day Now, are these actually as good or what's the deal with these? – [Ken] They are 40 dollars and they're supposed to be fantastic

– 40 dollars? Alright, I'm guessing you got these in Japan? – [Ken] No – Really – [Ken] Amazon – Oh, okay This is all in Japanese

Alright, let's see what you got Well, first of all, there's a surprising amount of isolation Like, that's not bad without anything going on You know what I also like? This is kinda like lowkey sort of thing These fit really well in my ears

Partially because they're smaller earbuds, but those are really solid Something I have a lot of problems with, especially when I'm dealing with earbuds is when I'm trying to eat while listening to music they always work their way out This is such a nice solid seal Wow, that is super weird, I totally thought that was the speaker on the phone What, hold on

Are you hearing this? What? – [Matt] I don't hear that at all – It legit sounds like I'm listening to the phone speaker Oh, wait a minute, hang on What's the Red doing? Red's doing something – [Ken] Oh, right

– Audio 3D, that's what it is I'm like, this audio sounds so bizarre and weird 'cause the Hydrogen is turning it into 3D audio Hang on, let's do it normally Yeah! Ken, you're two for two on this one These headphones are dope

40 dollars? 40 dollars on US Amazon? – [Ken] Yes – Easy – [Ken] So you're holding the Red Hydrogen there? – Yes, I mean you gave it to me – [Ken] Yeah, what do you think about it? – Oh, let's not go there – [Ken] Why? – Because, this is actually originally in a mystery tech months ago, but I was very disappointed and we cut that part out of the video

– [Ken] Did you ever use the camera? – A little bit yeah, it was not very good Why are you asking me so many questions? Is someone who works for Red about to pop out and arrest me or something? – [Ken] We might have found a way to improve it – Okay, by using a real Red camera? (thud) Sony, is this a smartwatch? The DSC-QX10? What is this? Oh, this thing! Wow, I totally forgot about this This is like RX100 in a lens shape that you attach to the back of the camera, right? How much was this? You said you got it used, this came out a few years ago – [Ken] We found it for 200 bucks

(grunts) – This is not gonna fit, is it? This is like 3/4 the size of Red Hydrogen this is not gonna fit (scoffs) No – [Matt] Crazy idea, if that comes off get some double sided tape – No, no – [Ken] Yeah, yeah

– Terrible idea – So what to do is – Right in the middle, man, just don't cover up the lens, 'cause we need to actually take photos with the lens Okay Interchangeable lenses on your Red, now reality thanks to Mr

Bolido Okay, let's see what 10x optical zoom looks like (laughs) This is hot garbage, man, this is not good This is really dumb, don't do this ever (thumps) Nike, okay

What's from Nike (rustle) What? Is this a Playstation backpack? Okay, alright, you're definitely gonna steal this though, aren't you? 175 dollars I see, is that what you actually paid for this? – [Ken] Yes – Oh, wow, actually got it at retail – [Ken] Never buy over retail – You know what, don't buy over retail

Good job, Ken, good job Who's signature is that? Should I know who that is? Paul George Paul George and Playstation? – [Ken] They're also the Nike sneakers – Oh, the sneakers that Kev did a video on? – [Matt] Building the ultimate Playstation 1 – Inside the backpack? Oh!

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