We Wasted TOO MUCH on Mystery Tech…

– Hello, my friends and welcome to Mystery Tech This, well, I mean, I feel like I'm in the thumbnail right now

This is from Norway Wait, wait, did someone just send us this? – [Ken] That was a PO box item – PO box, you're not even d– You're not even doing work right now Well at least it's got a lot of bubble wrap in it – [Ken] Also this has been sitting around for four months

– It's been sitting here for four months? – [Ken] So if it's food, don't eat it Oh, what is that? – It's popcorn (laughs) – [Ken] Oh, never mind, whoops Wait, really? No, no Really, oh no, oh no, oh that's gross, oh no

– Oh there's something else wrapped right here – [Ken] Maybe I shouldn't have had that out for four months – I like that you're saying that as a joke, but it actually was food More things? Oh, there's more food too We've got Vapesa, Vapsebol drops

Milkenshul You guys have too many letters, man Just chill with the letters We also have more popcorn So if we wanna make some more popcorn

As if we don't have enough already And another package to be unwrapped Just keep going here Oh, it's fi– – [Ken] What's that look? – Just put your phone in it and you watch videos Wow, okay, that's, whoa

Oh, so it's like room for your phone and stuff? Do I look ridiculous right now? – [Ken] Little bit – All right That looks okay, right? Wait, now I've got it backwards – [Michael from Vsauce] No time keeping devices No phones, no books, nothing to write on

– I will say this is actually better than I thought So the way that this works is actually pretty clever The lenses are nice and, when you put it on, it actually does feel like you're looking at your phone full sized, especially if you have a phone with a fairly high resolution, like the iPhone or the OnePlus It actually does look pretty decent How much is this thing? – [Ken] $89

– $89 on Indiegogo? Mm-mm, nope – [Ken] And that was the early pricing – This is interesting This is not $89 interesting It's a cool idea

But 89 bucks? Mm-mm, mm-mm Let's move on, shall we? – [Ken] Yes – Okay Anime music wireless You sick, sick, son of a (beep)

What makes these anime? I don't understand It's designed by Shirow Masamune How long have you been sitting on this? – [Ken] A year – A year?? Ken, is this the recycle mystery tech? Why are these, I just don't get why these are anime They're white, is that like an anime color? I don't, I don't get it

– [Ken] I think Japanese corporate was like, "Yeah, people will buy it if it has anime on it" – I mean, you bought it so it worked Powered by AptX Okay, so AptX works About to go into the anime vortex

I really hope Josh is nice and gave me some cool graphics, when I say things like that (bell chimes) – [Ken] Let's do this one (cheerful music) Well? – All I can think about is you with glow sticks at some anime rave and doing some crowd dance or something as everyone cries about how amazing the music is, that's all I can think about right now – [Ken] Wow, that was actually pretty accurate (hysterical laughter) You actually described that pretty well

– I've known you for too long, my friend These headphones don't sound good, but Ken sounds amazing (breathy laughter) Yeah, no, these are trash – [Ken] Have you ever watched Drake and Josh? – Drake and Josh? A couple episodes I wasn't, I feel like I was slightly too old for it

– [Ken] Okay, bull(bleep), no one's ever too old for Drake and Josh, but– – Well that's a questionable– Memerex? – [Drake And Josh Character] What's a GameSphere? – [Josh] Only the most sophisticated gaming experience ever created by humans, and it's– – I don't get this reference at all, but okay – [Ken] You might not get it, but a lot of people will get it – What is this? – [Josh] It's spherical Spherical! – Okay I assume this is a CD player from Drake and Josh – [Ken] It's the GameSphere – It says the Sphere Boomball – [Ken] It's a GameSphere

– I feel like this is some meme I just don't get and now I'm just gonna look dumb – [Ken] Okay, I've brought the cavalry – Hello everyone – [Matt] It's spherical! – Spherical – It's spherical! – [Kevin] What are you idiots doing? – I don't know

I'm doing Mystery Tech and everyone showed up and started yelling Drake and Josh references – So you actually haven't heard of this? – I've never heard of this It just looks like some stupid boom box – It was like the GameCube before the GameCube – The GameSphere instead of the GameCube? – I think it was pretty much a knockoff of the GameCube

They made the GameSphere – Oh, and it's just this thing? – Yeah, I think that was kind of the idea, why they made a GameSphere – I mean, you've obviously got this as new old stock How much was the Sphere BoomBall? – [Ken] $100 – For an old CD player? – [Ken] It's for an old game console

– It doesn't play games – [Ken] It doesn't have to Ooh, that's kinda cool – [Austin] What is cool about this? – [Ken] It looks like a helmet, look at that Dude, hell yeah

– [Austin] This is too many pieces – [Ken] That's great (rap music) – Is this "Money in the Grave" mixed with With Little Jon, wait, what? ♪ I mean where should I really even start ♪ ♪ I'm creeping in the dark ♪ Doesn't look like it's gonna spin How 'bout hit play No, hit play – [Ken] What is up with this? – Are you trying to tell me that a spherical CD player was a bad idea 17 years later? – No, aw, maybe it was a bad idea

– You realize that this CD player is older than most people watching this video? – Oh yeah, they don't probably know what CDs are – So if you're not familiar with what this was supposed to do, imagine Spotify except you had to buy physical disks and put them in a sphere and then you can play it track by track but you can only play one album at a time Very archaic technology, I know, but this is what Ken grew up with so the GameSphere, it is I gotta say, it's not looking too good for this Mystery Tech right now – [Ken] Oh, wait till you see what I got

– I mean, I've seen a lot of trash Anime headphones and a stupid GameSphere – [Ken] It's not stupid – [Austin] Oh, something that's actually cool So this, my friends, is the Sega Genesis Mini as well as (gasps) the tower? The tower? Oh, this is cool, the Genesis Mini is very much in the same sort of style as something like the NES or the SNES Classic in that you have a ton of games pre-installed

It works via HDMI, however, this, this is what I'm really excited about Oh, dude The little switches work, what? Dude, all the buttons are like real buttons That is so cool So this is one of the things I don't like about the Nintendo consoles and even something like the PS Classic and the, I mean look at the little attention to detail

I mean, this switch, I doubt does anything, but it feels just like the original You got a reset switch, you got on and off This is really nicely done So if you guys are not familiar with the Genesis, this was a console back in the late 80s, early 90s, and one of the cool parts about it is that it had a very long lifespan which meant that it got several major upgrades including the Sega CD which included CD functionality as well as the Sega 32X which you can almost think of as like a, like an Xbox One X compared to the One, except instead of buying a new console it was an add-on So theoretically, all of these things would work together which would mean that you could play Genesis games, you could play 32X games and Sega CD games all with one of the most ridiculous looking towers that have ever graced anyone's living rooms

There you go That was a real thing that you could buy in 1993 Now, it's small and it doesn't do anything, but it looks cool All right, would you care to play some Virtua Fighter with me? – Sure – Alright

– [Ken] Let's do it – [Austin] Get up, get up Wow – That's pretty – That's not good Get out of here (laughing) (SEGA jingle) – You know that Sega sound bite is one fourth of the cartridge size? – Really? – Yeah This thing is really rad, right? I mean the fact that they've done what seems to be a very good job with the emulation

Pretty solid game selection I love this hardware The fact that you get a Tower of Power even though I'm not even sure if you can actually buy that here in the states, but I mean, this thing's legit I would say good job, but you didn't buy this, did you? – [Ken] No, I didn't – Thanks, Sega

(Sega jingle) – Wait, no – You can't do that It touched the table What'd you give me, you can't, no, no, no, no, no, I want the other thing back What did you give me bread for? I see you, you can't edit your way out of this one because you grabbed the wrong item

A toaster? This is just a Japanese toaster? – [Ken] It's not just any Japanese toaster, it is THE Japanese toaster – What is wrong with this episode? Is this the "Ken gives up" episode? It's just a toaster – It's not just a toaster – It's a toaster This is it? Oh, okay

– [Ken] So, this toaster is very famous, or infamous, for only toasting one slice at a time – No, wait – [Ken] To make the perfect slice of toast – How much was this amazing Japanese toaster? – [Ken] After import, it was $450 – To toast one piece at a time? – [Ken] Yeah

(Ken laughs) – There've been a lot of dumb things on Mystery Tech There's been a lot of money wasted, but $450 for a toaster that toasts one side of the bread! One piece at a time! What is wrong with you? Alright, ready to toast my stale bread Medium toasted, 45678, no no, 4568 6 And then it's normal Okay, start – [Ken] Akihiro Iwahara of Mitsubishi said they "wanted to focus on a single slice "and treat it with respect" Incredible, exquisite, some might say

– I'll be the judge of that Okay, it's pretty good toast I've never had toast that tastes this good It's just for audio, don't use the video of that I was trying to get a really good clean crunch for a transition

Here you go, my friend It's very warm – It is very warm, it's not overly – No – Oh my God

– Pretty good, right? – That is really well done It's even, what the hell? – I'm gonna take this home tonight That's really good, right? – [Ken] I hope so for a $300 toaster

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  1. Hi there, I would just like to find out what the name of of the song used during the one slice toaster segment. Thank you and keep up the good work Ken👌🏼

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