We’ve Never Wasted This Much Money Before…

– ♪Let's do it! ♪ ♪Let's do it! ♪ ♪Let's do it! ♪ ♪It's Mystery Tech time ♪ ♪ Mystery Tech

♪ What it is Zoo- Zapenu? Hey guys This is Austin And I did not say that right And this is the January edition to Mystery tech featuring Zimba (mumbles) Okay so that looks like a normal pair of over ear headphones Are these like fake over ear headphones, that you just put your earbuds in to look cool I can't possibly imagine why this would ever make sense For maximum audio quality on your mobile device, turn off the EQ

So it's just telling you to crank the volume, as loud as humanly possible This is a really bad idea Wait Is that base I hear What? This doesn't work does it? Hold on, hold on it is kind of echoey though And it's not that loud You know what it sounds like when you put it in It's like the trick of like cupping your hand around like the speaker of your phone

Like that's kinda of how it sounds like, expect in headphone form I need to listen to what these sound like without the headphones on 'Cause that's trippy there is no way it's like that big of a difference Alright, let's reset all those garbage EQ setting just used So these actually have more bass than I remember

It's definitely a difference putting them Zanu-Zazzle thing or whatever Actually I think they do sound better by themselves Anyone want to take a bet on how much these cost? – [Matt] 4099 – [Ken] 25 – 25, alright I'm gonna go with with 30 Whoa $50, Matt Ansini

(Austin clapping) Yeah don't spend $50 on this Ah, just buy a better pair of headphones Mr Bolido, what's up next? (bangs table) whoa CHEMION, turn your light on Well ah, wait what? (bass music) Okay (Austin laughs) Why is it so big? Look here, this is normal glasses for comparison

Why is that so enormous? Whoa hello Alright, what am I doing right now? Wait can I change it? I've no idea what any of these things are Hey guys, this is Austin and this is the future of modern technology It's glasses that light up when you do this (high pitched voice) so it looks like you can customize it and have it say whatever you want

(Austin laughs) Matt how much are these? – [Matt] They are $70 – $70 (exclaims) Yeah worth it, very worth it That's Megaraptor (dinosaur snarl) Why is Megaraptor? What are you getting Roboraptor for (dinosaur snarl) We just did this Oh no, you did not get another

It's Robo-Spider Ken, no

The joke is funny the first time It was a little bit funny the second time It was mildly funny the third time I mean come on, you hear how loud this is (thumping) How much money did you waste on this? – Great it's on sale, it's fine right

Don't worry about it Yes I agree and I have a MEKAMON Yap, that's it (exclaims) Okay this is way cool than Roboraptor (exclaims) There is another one, okay (exclaims) Okay that's kind of cool, that's kind of cool (exclaims) Wait, wait, wait

No, rotate, rotate, block it, block it (clank) MEKAMON lost, I mean that seems pretty self explanatory Let's this on the floor, shall we Oh no Block it, no Shoot it, shoot it (sighs) I don't get it That is the smallest thing on Mystery Tech yet

The JAKCOM so it has an app on the Google playstore Windows store, HTML5 and features NFC This is a Bluetooth ring Is this just a ring with Bluetooth It's got some little bumps inside and that's it

Wow, there is literally nothing else here – [Ken] You proposed already right? (cartoonish music) Oh yeah right, you did Nevermind, we're good – But did you have a try with this? How do we get this to work – [Matt] You're the tech expert I mean you've run a channel for 10 years on tech

You'd think you'd be able to figure out sign in something (cartoonish music) It's okay your dad offered us a job, so (light laugh) – It says team lift for a reason man What is this? So this is a box from Xidax Oh, is there a PC in here? Oh, I just got much happier

Alright, let's see what we've got? (bass music) (crumple) Ken You did not spend a large amount of company money on this computer, did you? – [Ken] No – Okay good (bass music) – [Production Team] Oh my God Oh my God – Okay, well um

– [Ken] Can we please put it on the table – Oh yeah (laughs excitedly) The ring is forgiven (bass music) This my friends might be the most overkill gaming PC we've ever featured on the channel So this is a custom config straight from Xidax

And we just look at the water cooling (mumbles) Inside we have a core i9-99OOK of course overclocked and water-cooled We have a 2080Ti, we have the full hard line loop 64 gigs of RAM (mumbles) If you take a look at the motherboard, you'll see the NSI dragon just constantly kicking ass

(chuckles) Good job This will definitely not be the last time, you see this system on the channel But let's give a lil gaming a try So as you guys probably know Battlefied 5 is not the easiest game to play in the world However it is one of the only games right now that does support rate tracing

Something that this RTX 2080Ti has absolutely no problem with Even on full ultra settings at 1080p We're still on the 80-90 frame per second range Turn a little bit of rate tracing down and we are way way above a 100 And we that, we undoubtedly have the most expensive episode of Mystery Tech ever

Can we not top this one I actually don't We're good here right

We don't need to spend any more money, this can be like the grand finale Why are you so quiet (chuckles)

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