When Mystery Tech Goes TOO FAR

(upbeat music) (drumming) – Why am I starting with a hat? All right, hey guys, this is Austin And today, Ken's gonna make me look stupid, which is really nothing new, particularly

(banging) Is this what you got at E3? So we were shooting a video at E3 a couple of months ago, or a month ago, and Ken made me look away as he had to purchase some Mystery Tech item – [Ken] You like Fortnite – No, I got my ass kicked on the stupid Fortnite spinny thing – [Matt] That was a very special moment for me – Is this a onesie, what is this? What, it's got the

(laughing) Oh no! No, man, aw man! Do I have to do, look, it's way too big, wait, no look, look, it's like way too big – [Ken] By the way, it was $70, so – Why you gotta tell me that? What is, it's got pockets, that's good at least How's that, Matt? Does my audio sound great with my hoodie on? – [Matt] Ya sound as great as you look – [Ken] So you have a lot of frustration that you wanna vent out, so feel free to write it (banging) – "The Rocketbook Everblast

" Oh, I've actually heard about these So is this one of the ones where you can write and put in the oven, or you can erase it with some kind of special ink or something? "Everblast is an endlessly reusable notebook you can use with any pen in the pilot FriXion line" Oh, the FriXion Pens, oh those are cool So you literally, it's like an erasable pen Oh word, this is cool

Oh no – [Matt] Ken! What did we tell you about water on the table? – Do you not remember last time when water got in all of our power– Oh, what? What? Oh, okay I mean, it looks like a pretty okay notebook It's got some grid lines and a QR code, which I assume– (sniffing) Ugh (sniffing) Ugh, that's the worst smelling notebook I've ever smelled

"Do not microwave this notebook" It's not a big notebook, it's what, 30 Pages? – [Ken] But it's reusable – Yeah I guess, how many pages do you need, but you can just erase it All right So, with that, ah dude (water dripping), was that necessary? – [Ken] Can never be too sure

– I think this is enough water – [Ken] I believe it said "damp" not "soaking" – That's an uncomfortable noise Well I can see already, it's literally running away So if I just rub it, oh it's gone

Totally gone (high-pitched voice) Hi, my name's Ken I make really questionable decisions on Mystery Tech And I make Austin– oh no (banging) Oh, wait wait wait

A Stirling engine? Please don't tell me I have to build this (laughs) So this is a physics toy which will be an electricity generator All right, (mumbles) this is fine How much was this particular Stirling engine? – [Ken] $100 – Oooh, little pricey! Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own Do you own your curiosity? I feel like your curiosity owns you

This is very deep Oh look at this Yoo, that's actually really cool! So we need alcohol, which is 95% pure This better not have come out of the Mystery Tech budget (bouncy music) You don't have any actual alcohol do you? We need, like, rubbing alcohol

Oh, you did come prepared Ha you got me How much was this? – [Ken] The Don or The – Yeah this – [Ken] Oh A lot I bought it to share – Oh no really? You weren't going to drink this by yourself? You don't just pop a bottle of 2009 Dom Pérignon and just be like, (high-pitched voice) I'm Ken Bolido, gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp

(lighter lighting) Oh that looks excellent All right, we're gonna gently move this underneath, without burning myself Okay that is a big flame So now we need to wait about 30 seconds for the thing to warm up and then I should just be able to give it a little kickstart and we will have ourselves a Stirling engine This is pretty cool and that's definitely a solid flame

Oh it almost started there Oh look at that! Ho-ho! Dude! – [Ken] Oh, it's RGB! – Look at that! So this is a 100% alcohol powered engine So essentially the alcohol is being fed through the wick, it is lighting up our chamber, which is then, I'm guessing, just like adding enough heat to sorta pressurize this piston And then that is spinning a flywheel which is running a generator and giving ourselves a tiny little LED Yo, dude this thing is really cool! Even sounds like an engine

You hear that? Oh it's even speeding up! This is so cool! And then (blows), it should run out of power and slowly turn itself off (Stirling engine running) Oh no That might be one of the coolest items we've ever had on Mystery Tech I can even forget my stupid eyeballs (banging) (Austin closing studio door) I just stormed out of the room and there's a dude who just gave me the weirdest look ever

I literally turned right back around and walked inside cause I was so embarrassed God (bleep) Look there's only one Roboraptor There a bunch of weird derpy cousins, thank you very much Matt, you're a real supporter There's a bunch of derpy cousins, and stupid versions, but this is the OG

This is what really keeps Mystery Tech alive (laughing) Wait, wait Do you realize how dumb this looks? (laughing) He's got a rocket launcher on him All right, this is going to be fun So I'm fueling up this stupid dinosaur with water – [Matt] Do you guys know how to use water? (roaring) – [Austin] Oh! Ohh, what? What? All right, yoooo, this is actually cool

(disco music) (crashing) Yeah, oh yes! Fight, fight, fight Whoa! Whoa! Get it! Get it! Get it Roboraptor! Ohh, oh, it's dead (crashing) Yes! Roboraptor is victorious! Good job The new one has fire breathing and – no oh okay, well, no, don't fall It's okay, he's just really excited because he won that battle It's like it died

It's just like breathing smoke and trying to get up (indistinct talking) Yeah okay, Roboraptor wins this round – [Ken] Also, now is a very good time to point out that I made a Twitter account for Roboraptor – [Matt] Follow it, FOLLOW IT NOW! – I'm getting sweatier and sweatier the longer we go All right, Square Bear? What? Oh! Why do I have to build things? I don't want to build things, Ken

So this is Square Bear So I have to put this together? – [Ken] No, it's a bear figure that comes in a square – Oooohhh Oh Okay, all right

This is the bear? I just made the bear right now? – [Matt] Have you seen a bear? (fumbling) I'm looking at the box and it doesn't look like you got it that well (crashing) – Done (banging) Status? (high-pitched voice) Oooooohhh So you guys may be familiar with my love of Status headphones The CB-1s have lived in my bag for years That is until they finally broke, actually, a couple of months ago

So this is the SAHD-1BT The BT1, as the kids say (shaking) – [Ken] You have a Pixel right? – I do have a Pixel, yes – [Ken] It does do aptX – Ahhhhh Ken with the classic

It's a bunch of weird stuff at Mystery Tech and then there's a pair of headphones Which these, are you gonna steal these? – [Ken] No, they sent me one too (laughing) – Wait, did they bribe you? Is the reason that these are at Mystery Tech because Status hooked up you, they sent you a pair of headphones, like hey, sneak this into Mystery Tech? You getting that kickback, Ken? – [Ken] No? – That was the least convincing 'no' I have ever heard Oh! So they're on-ears Mmmm, they feel pretty decent

Um, they're lightweight Maybe a little bit on the cheap side, but we'll see how they actually sound So I am traditionally not a huge fan of on-ear headphones But – [Ken] You can take off the hoodie It's fine, it's fine Okay, got it? Got it? – [Matt] You could put those underneath it – Oh look, I can't hear you

What great passive noise cancellation these headphones have I'm just going to wear these for the rest of the video The highs are actually really pronounced Like most of the headphones I feel like I listen to, especially on Mystery Tech, are a little bit on the bass-heavy side, but these actually are really clear Especially for Bluetooth

All right, time for the 'Hotel California' test Okay, so, they don't quite have the same bass punch that I usually like to have in headphones It's a little bit more on the treble-y side, but it's not bad It's certainly not bad It's just a little bit of a different style, specifically compared to those CB-1s that I've listened to so often

That being said though, for 100 bucks, I mean, yeah, they do feel a little bit on the cheap side, but I like that they have USB-C, I like the fact that it does support aptX HD And honestly, these might actually end up in my bag Um, although the carrying case is a little big big But ah, yeah, not bad! 100 bucks? Okay (muffled music) (Pokemon music) (crinkling) Oh, what? Oh no

– [Ken] Put it on the floor, put it on the floor – You did not buy the Snorlax Did you buy the Snorlax? Ken, did you buy the Snorlax? Is this the lifesi (slamming) Ken, how much was the Snorlax? (plastic crinkling) – [Ken] It was being liquidated so – [Matt] A STEAL at $150 – Oh actually that's not bad I've seen this thing for like 4, 500 bucks – [Ken] I've been pestering him to get this since I've started

(plastic crinkling) – Ah This, this is adorable (laughing) (groaning) All right, so anyway, thank you very much for watching this episode of Mystery Tech Unfortunately, this item is no longer available, but links to everything else that is will be in the description As well as Ken's resume for an excellent job of Mystery Tech this month Why am I laying so seductively like this? – [Matt] Yikes Oh no

(beanbag shifting) – [Austin] I'm sorry Mom

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