Why Does The MacBook Still Exist?

– Hey guys this is Austin This is the 12 inch MacBook and when it came out back in 2015 it wasn't exactly received very well which begs the question, why does this still exist in 2018 or 2019 I guess? The biggest issue with this machine has always been the single port

The USB-C is great but the issue, just like I said in my original 2015 video is that a single port means that you are stuck forever as a resident of Dongle Town Yes my friends Dongle Town it's right down the road from Garbage Town and just a little ways a way from Notch City Now these days USB-C has become a lot more popular so a lot of accessories do support it natively but the problem still here is if you wanna do I don't know something like plugging in something as well as using a charger at the same time you just can't do that without a dongle and that's simply not an issue that you have to deal with on other Macs or well any other laptop you buy, like literally any other laptop Complicating all of this is the current Mac lineup so we have the 12 inch MacBook, the 13 inch MacBook Air, as well as the 13 inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar All of these systems are almost the exact same price, they share a lot of similarities and it just doesn't really make a lot of sense right now

My friend Quinn from Snazzy Labs did an excellent comparison between all three which you guys should definitely go check out but the gist of it is, is that there is a lot in common with these three laptops which kinda means that the 12 inch is the odd one out Now that doesn't mean there are no advantages to using the 12 inch MacBook First of all this is one of the thinnest and lightest laptops that you can buy today full stop There is something to that we have full fledged MacOS running here on a laptop which is really about the same size as an iPad It also has the fundamentals down, not only do they have a sharp and accurate screen but you also have one of the best touchpads in the game

– Hey guys this is the craziest weapon of all time – The speakers are there, the battery life is pretty solid I mean a lot of the main things that you look for in a laptop are here and accounted for with the 12 inch MacBook That is until you look just a little bit closer The keyboard for example is the older style butterfly switches and while they're fine the new ones on the MacBook Air not only feel a lot better but they're also more durable The webcam is also famously potato quality with a whopping 480p resolution

I'm not really sure why this still exists in 2018 or 2019 or 2015 Then there's the performance Now this is a fanless laptop which is a big reason why it is so tiny but because of that you give up a fair bit of actual speed So especially that Core m3 model its fine for a lot of basic use, if you want to do web browsing and maybe a little bit of very light audio and video editing it's fine but anything more heavy it does start to chug a bit on this guy Put this all together and unless you just have to have the smallest size the MacBook doesn't make a ton of sense right now

That got me thinking though, I had a little chat with my buddy Jon about what exactly the future might hold for the 12 inch MacBook – This my friend is a 12 inch MacBook Are you familiar with such a wondrous computer? – Is this what they call a Mac? – That's what they call a Mac What do you think about the MacBook, where it is today? Like as far as the 12 inch MacBook it's been updated a time or two over the last few years but for the most part this is pretty similar to what came out in 2016 or 2015? – Right yeah – 2015 wow

– Yeah its not been updated in a while I think it should be, 12 inch MacBook, – Yes – 13 inch MacBook Air, – Yes – Get rid of the MacBook Pro without Touch Bar – Yeah – And if you want a MacBook Pro not that the Touch Bar is what you know separates a Pro – The quad core does separate it

– That's what the big deal is – Yeah – That's what people miss a lot of the time is that the 13 inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar is dual core – Do you remember when they announced the non Touch Bar MacBook Pro they were like, this is great for people who are upgrading from an Air Like they specifically called it out as like the Air replacement – Yeah and I think that was like that takes place of the Air its just I think ultimately they realized its the stupid name

People for vanity or for whatever it is they want a MacBook Air – Yeah What do you see as the future not only the Mac but specifically what do you see as the future of the 12 inch MacBook? Cause I do really feel like this doesn't make a lot of sense to buy right now like I feel like this is way too close to that MacBook Air and that MacBook Pro – Apple is playing the long game and they're okay with making short term sacrifice in regards for the future It's not like the iPad Pro is this magical life changing device that you should go sell everything for

– You would have to – Why I'm excited is because it plants a seed for the future so I think that's like seed one which sets the path for this I feel like everyone so stuck in the past of like well x86 is a different platform its never going to happen but why do you want to stick in an archaic system? – If you look at where the x86 has tracked over the last few years we've got performance improvements but ya know 5% here 10% there Whereas if you look on the ARM side specifically with what Apple's been doing with their A6 processors its like oh look 20%, 50%, 100% like there's these massive performance gains to the point where I would think that in most anyway you measure it a MacBook, a 12 inch MacBook is not as powerful as the eight cores that are inside that IPad, right you've got that GPU, there is a ton of power there – People always say, why doesn't Apple but MacBooks in the iPad

One if they did that it would have to be x86 and they would just erase everything that's in the future Two you know the other thing is, why don't they put their Pro apps on the IPad? Why don't they do that? Give me Final Cut give me Logic I guarantee you they have a Final Cut version that's ready to go on the IPad I guarantee you they have Logic but they don't need Apple to put their apps on they need everyone else and like Photoshop coming to ARM is huge and the interesting thing is like right now they're already doing like a hint of the future where like their T2 chip or whatever like it is doing co processing along with Intel – Very good point

I guess my thought here is with the 12 inch MacBook this seems like the prime candidate for it to be like the very first Mac to be powered by an Apple A12 or A13 or A17 whatever the case is but an Apple processor – Again Apple is playing the long game, short term sacrifice, long term gain – If you guys wanna know more from Jon he has an entire series about why the iPad is the greatest invention known to mankind Used by professionals of all sizes and shapes and if you can go check that out

I'm gunna go back to talking about Macs though – Can I shoot one of your videos and edit it on the iPad Pro? – Yes you can actually That'll be a great idea – Let's do it

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