Wish vs eBay Gaming PC CHALLENGE

– Today we're going to be building the cheapest gaming PCs we can, using eBay and Wish So I have 15 minutes on the clock starting now

Probably should have screen recorded that What is this? Wait, wait, wait, wait Here's a bundle an X79 motherboard with an E5 2620, 16 gigs of Ram, and an NVME SSD slot, but $172 – [Ken] But? – This is a lot of money – [Ken] With all of these entry level cards that probably are not what they say they are

– [Austin] All right, 120 gig SSD for $23, perfectly reasonable Okay, a thousand watt power supply This is clearly what I need I think the brand is Power Supply Why is there a human lubricant? Do you need to really specify it's for humans? Oh God

What? Three minutes left? Oh! – Incredible – [Austin] $104 for this case It shows one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight RGB fans – [Ken] How many of those fans do you actually think come with the case? I bet none of them I bet one, maybe

– [Austin] Six fans and controller – [Ken] That's actually pretty good You know you should get that – [Austin] And for $500, do you think (fan whirring) – It has Aura Sync – [Matt] Austin, I think you're missing something

– What? – Don't help out – What? What? I have power supply, graphics card, CPU What am I forgetting? What am I forgetting? – Nothing, don't worry about it – What am I forgetting? – It's fine – Power supply

Wait, wait 45 seconds, 45 seconds Hold on, hold on, okay Okay, I have case, fans, power supply – [Matt] Who counts like that? – SSD Cooler! Cooler!!! No!!! No! What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? Oh, look, look, pause

I pause my timer – No way No, no No – I'm just gonna buy it

I'm just gonna buy it Look This, this No, this one, this one, this one Done, there, there, there

Add Buy Buy Buy I did it, I did it, I did it

– He didn't hit it – No, no, no – He didn't select that so he doesn't have a cooler – I had that – No, no, no

– It just took a second to look – No He missed it The other thing that you forgot to buy was Windows So yeah

– I'm gonna use Linux I don't care (Ken laughing) – Okay, you ready? – I think so – Three, two Look, I already started

Too bad, go 15 Minutes – Okay All right I'm going to try to find a really cheap, decent PC case

Oh, you know what? – Same thing, the power supplies – You know what? I'm going to rip Austin off I might as well just get the same damn PC case as him – What? Wait, wait You found my same case but it's like half the price? – Buy

(Ken laughing) – I paid a hundred dollars, So you paid $55? – So custom-built gaming PC desktop computer AMD HD 7570 All right We're not going to pick that one Let me keep going

Let me keep going – [Austin] If you believe you can just buy a pre-built right now – [Matt] He literally does that for most of these – I do Oh, wow

Look at this Yeah So Core i5 Kind of variable I don't know what is in it exactly, but has a 1060, 16 gigs of Ram, Windows 10, and $25 shipping

If I add this to cart – How much time do you have left? (numbers whirring) – R-G, a while – I'm eight minutes I've already done most of my shopping – You just bought a Dell, that's enough

– I just bought a Dell I just need a three pack of fans – [Austin] Those are my fans Are you just copying me? You're getting my same fans and my same case – Look, it's not my fault eBay decided to give me the same exact results for cheaper

So I'm just going to do that I mean, everything is very much the exact same thing, but cheaper – How are we still not done? We have to sit here for 45 seconds? – Make it dramatic, Ken, pretend that you're going up against the timer – What do I want to find on eBay? Is there anything you want, Matt? – [Matt] Yeah – What do you want? Something that's 25 bucks

– [Matt] Pogs – Pogs Okay We'll buy some Pogs – You're buying Pogs? – [Ken] We'll buy some Pogs

Oh word There we go He seems very mad I'm happy I'm thoroughly satisfied

– [Matt] I'm just happy that I finally get to have Pogs on the channel! (whooshing) – And we're back several months later, now that we have received all of our wonderful items from eBay and Wish So I'll start out with my build Okay So there were some slight issues before and those issues continue because while I was able to get most of my items from Wish, unfortunately, the power supply is still three months away from shipping So I'm gonna have to go a little creative with that one, but besides that I have my questionable looking items, like my completely legitimate GeForce series graphics card

– [Ken] Oh Jesus That looks horrible That's not even the same font – So inside my 1060 (both laughing) NVIDIA – [Ken] We have graphics cards at home (both laughing) – Now what I'm really banking on, and the only item which is not complete trash is my motherboard, CPU and my memory Oh! So what I'm banking on is my Xeon

So it's an E5-2620, but you can see it's definitely been in and out a little bit You'd could see like just actually like scratched up and dented Look, there's like two dents in the middle of the chip – So this is what I have Funny enough, Austin

We got a lot of the same stuff I mean, of course this PC is not the same, but I got the same fans as you and this PC is not a slouch either I mean, it's a pre-built that we bought on eBay – Wait, wait It's certified refurbished

– [Austin] So you have no SSD You have a 2400G and a 580 What? Why? That's such a weird combination – It is It is

I wish I could explain that, but this was literally the only SKU that that seller even had on their store – [Austin] I wanna see what's inside – Yeah, let's open it up, shall we? This PC on its own, actually doesn't look too bad – [Austin] Wow That's very small

– Yeah, look here's the thing, like I don't think this is– – [Austin] Wait – [Austin] That's very small – It is very tiny – [Austin] Oh look at this! You have not only USB-C – Oh yeah, look at that

Modern – [Austin] And 10 gig USB – Modern (metal clanging) Wow Okay

Small boy That is very interesting You take a look at other pre-builts like this that are built in fairly small cases, and these things are kind of a pain in the ass sometimes I think we'll be okay, but I should be able to easily transplant this – [Austin] Yeah

– An immediate observation in me trying to transplant the motherboard into this case is, it is not using a standard layout So I can't exactly screw this in that well – [Austin] How many screws do you have? – One – [Austin] One, the whole thing is held in by one? – Well, well, well – [Austin] Oh my God! – If I just do this

– [Austin] You use your graphics card to hold your motherboard in – I just do this (Austin laughing) Just hold on – [Austin] Oh! This is so good – Hold on

Wait, wait, wait, wait Hey, there it is We're in We're in Okay

I'm gonna screw it in first – [Austin] So triggered right now – Wait, wait Oh! Look at that! Oh! Oh! Am I doing it? I'm doing it Look at this, look at this, look at this

– [Austin] Ken, that's disgusting – Look, look, look, look, hold on Wait, wait, we gotta test it, we gotta test it We gotta test it Look at that

Look at that Ingenuity – [Austin] Does the cable need to be there to hold your motherboard in place? – No, actually that's pretty locked in You want to feel that? – [Austin] No, I'm good – You sure? – [Austin] Yeah, I'm good

– Look, I can carry it by the Look Look

– [Austin] Okay, maybe don't do that – Just jealous of my ingenuity Wait, wait (Ken laughing) – [Austin] You see, you talk of ingenuity, have you seen how I got that in there? (Ken laughing) – [Austin] Are you okay? – No, no That's (beep) hilarious

– [Austin] Originally this metal was touching the back of the graphics card, which I thought was probably a bad idea So a little bit of foam, and it's actually not that bad Now the foam was there The CPU is touching about 70% of my cooler, which I think is probably enough It's not gonna run cool, but considering that I have no real cooler, and I have just this one

It's gonna work (whooshing) Okay So I have finally fixed my Wish gaming PC So as you can see, it looks a little bit different My top PCI slot might not be entirely dead, but is super flaky

Out of booting it about 30 times yesterday, I got it to POST once I was getting different error codes every time, it was driving me crazy By moving my fake graphics card down to the bottom slot, which because this is an X79 board still gets full bandwidth That solved that issue – So, my system did not go as planned

I could not put it into the other case without some other cables and whatnot – [Austin] Wait What is that? – So I went to back, – [Austin] Wait I literally plastidipped this overnight – [Austin] This is all plastidip? – This is all plastidip

– [Austin] Dude, that looks really good – Yeah I know – [Austin] Wow! – It matches my LG Velvet – [Austin] Oh my God! Okay

– But because I couldn't get my whole gamer case, and fans working, there were numerous problems Mainly the fact that a lot of the internal parts on this HP were custom So I decided to just go back, lean into this, and make it my own And I made it a clean white – [Austin] That actually does look really good

– Thank you – [Austin] Wait Is this just the computer you bought on eBay, and you plastidipped it? Is that? – Mm hmm – [Austin] So you didn't make any changes? – Mm mm – All right

Should we start with Geekbench? – [Ken] Yes – Okay, so because I'm running on Linux, I have to launch Geekbench from the command line So this may take a moment Gathering system information See? You've got my Xeon E5-2620, six cores, 12 threads, 12 gigs of Ram

Boy, you ain't got a chance on this one – I just hate that you don't have a GUI for this – No 'cause I'm a real broke person, and that means that I, instead of pirating Windows, I'm using Linux Don't be afraid of a little command line It's like being afraid of your grandfather

– My grandfather's dead – Well, you shouldn't be afraid of him (whooshing) – [Austin] 552 single core, 3246 multi-core That my friend is going to be a not particularly hard benchmark to beat – All right, let's go run my CPU benchmark

– [Matt] Oh my God – [Ken] This is very slow – [Austin] How's it feel to be using a hard drive from 1994? – I will admit that it's giving me flashbacks to how bad the hard drive days were SSDs are the way to go If this were me, I would totally put a 20 gig, 20 gig, a 120 gig SSD in this machine, which would probably cost me around 20 bucks

There are extra SATA ports in here that'll let me do that, but I didn't think ahead All right Moment of truth browsergeekbench

com Show me the results What? (Matt laughing) Wait? I was 552 single core, 3246 multi-core – [Ken] Wait No something's wrong

– No, no, no, no It's fine, it's fine, it's fine This way it was meant to be done – It don't seem right? – Yeah That sounds exactly right

You have single channel memory You only have one DIMM – I have single channel memory – I have triple channel I'm gonna say I win

– [Ken] No – Multi-core Who cares about the little number? I want the big number I have a bigger number than you, which means I win – I'm dealing with a kid

I'm just dealing with a kid If you ever wanted to know what it's like working for Austin Evans, it's literally working for a child (whooshing) All right CS:GO I'm at 140 frames per second

So suck it, Austin I made the better move – It's okay I'm busy while my game loads I'm just gonna change my lights here, and a little bit blue

It's still loading right now Ooh, spooky Wait, Ken – Yeah – If I can't load the game, I'll have a zero K/D

If you're negative that means that I win – Okay Come on (keyboard keys tapping) Yikes Don't like that

Don't like that at all Oh! That's my teammate Oh! Hey, headshot No! Knife Knifer, knifer

No! Stop it, stop it Oh! Fix that – That's pretty smooth – Yeah, no Look again

Gamer strat is sometimes not to even work at all – [Matt] Look at the sad boy corner over there – I just spend so much time on my PC I zip tied the cooler I fixed my motherboard

– Austin spent a lot of time making his car, but he never made it to the race I at least finished – Wait, are you already done with the game I haven't even loaded into the first one – Exactly, exactly

You see? see I think I've done good I think I've done better than Sorry Let me rephrase I have not done good, I've done better than Austin, which is what matters Don't buy this PC Don't shop for PCs on Wish

Just go build your own $600 PC from scratch Go to like Micro Center You can even shop at Best Buy Can you believe that? Yeah, there are way better moves than buying PCs on either store

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