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(dramatic music) (keyboard keys clacking) – Wait, how many keyboards do I have here again? (boxes clattering) Ken, ah man I miss when we actually cared about the content

Hello, welcome, so today, we're taking a look at some of the cheapest Amazon gaming keyboards, which are all over the set now So, we have done videos like this in the past, where we took a look at some of the cheapest keyboards on Amazon, but today, we're going into the cheapest gaming keyboards Some are mechanical, some are not, some are mechanical feel, like this Amazon Basics option So, let's see if you should waste your money or toss your keyboards across the room like Ken does First of all, we we have the Amazon Basics Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard at a whopping $34

Okay, that looks cheap So, this does have RGB, however, it also uses Amazon Basics gaming software, so we'll see how that goes Next we have the NPET K10 Water Resistant Gaming Keyboard Now, what's interesting about this one is Amazon also claimed that this was a mechanical feel keyboard, but at a whopping $20 with a $4 coupon, bringing the grand total to $16 shipped, it's not bad This is very generic looking, although it does seem to have a few zones of RGB lighting, and it's got a metal backplate

"Hello, thanks for choosing Havit" So, this is actually the most expensive keyboard here at a whopping $42 However, it comes with a little bit more than the other keyboards we have here, a mouse So yes, for $42, you get not only a supposedly mechanical keyboard, but also a pretty clicky mouse, actually Next up, we have the Rii RK100, or the Real Internet Idea

This is the cheapest keyboard here at a whopping $15 with a $2 coupon, putting the grand total on this one at only 13 bucks (keyboard clattering) I feel like we've actually taken a look at this keyboard before Oh wait, is this my Pro vs Broke keyboard? Oh yeah, this is I used this, I think in Pro vs Broke Prepare yourself for aural bliss

(keyboard clacking) – What? (laughs) – Aural, aural, with an A – Next we have the Alpha Gaming Viper Fully Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with fully mechanical blue switch keys, and RGB lighting, in case you were curious I feel like anyone who's actually into real mechanical keyboards is just gonna be cringing at this video at this point – [Ken] Well, anyone that's really into mechanical keyboards are too intelligent to watch our videos anyways (upbeat music) – This one looks like it actually has a built-in wrist rest as well

Yes, little bit of a chunky guy, but okay, all right Next we have the Logitech G213 Prodigy RGB Gaming Keyboard, with 168 million colors This actually looks to be nice I mean, definitely the print quality on the keys looks pretty solid, but (keys clacking) hmm, all right, we'll have to give that one a try

Next we have the Stoga Now, this one actually has some of the best reviews of any of these keyboards, supposedly is a mechanical, and at $38, it seems like a good deal However, something I didn't realize when I ordered it is, take a look at the keys, they're all round Oh, nevermind, they're not round (laughs) Wait, wait, wait, wait

Wait, this side of the box has round keys, this side has square keys, what? – [Ken] Today, Austin learns his shapes I know what circles look like – Can you see this is round? – I know what round is – This is round, this is square Now, I have a lot of keyboards to test today, however, I'm going to add one more, the Razer Huntsman Tournament

Now, I actually really like this keyboard, so the standard version of the Huntsman is the one that sits at my desk every day, and this is simply a, well, it's a much more expensive keyboard than any of the other ones we're taking a look at, at 130 bucks What I wanna do here is this is sort of the control This is what all the other keyboards will be compared to, to see exactly how much more or how much less you're getting when you spend, what, a quarter of the price? So, to start off with, I'm going to be doing a blind test of all eight keyboards to see exactly how much I can tell the difference between them, and if maybe some of the cheap ones can surprise Ken, I heard you have a bracket, by chance – [Ken] I do

– A bracket, almost March Madness style, as if we're trying to shamelessly steal a great format to test keyboards with (keys clacking) Interesting, so this one has, it feels like a membrane keyboard Okay, that one's not bad Let me try this one So, the thing I noticed about this one is it's a little bit, the key comes up a little bit quicker

It actually has a little bit more of a click, but if this is a mechanical keyboard, it's a really soft switch What's this one? I'm gonna have to say, this is B? I'm gonna go with B on this one (keys clacking) Okay, okay, this is actually a really tough one I'm pretty confident that these are both mechanical I'm going to give a very, very slight edge to C

This could go either way though They're both pretty solid That was really quiet What is, oh that's, is that membrane? Wait, but I feel like, just thinking in my head, there haven't been this many membrane keyboards Oh, now I'm getting confused

Okay, I feel like I'm getting a little bit more tactile response out of this one, so I'm gonna go with E on this – Yeah – Oh, oh, I like this, woo! So what I like about this one, it's not as clicky as some of the blue mechanical switches, but I do think these are mechanical But it's just the fact that the key, it feels so tight, like there's not a lot of play On some of these cheaper keyboards, you almost feel a little bit of play as you sort of start to type down, but this I feel very confident with

This one, it feels like the key almost wobbles a little bit as I type down on it Comparing these two, this one feels significantly cheaper I'm pretty sure this is the Razer, And I'm definitely gonna pick this one (bell dings) – [Ken] Is that your final answer? – Definitely my final Answer, I like this guy (upbeat music) So, I have clicky boy number one, not clicky boy number two

I actually like this one in a vacuum I don't think it's mechanical It does actually feel pretty good though, so there's a nice kinda springiness to it, it sounds decent, not amazing This one, I think the responsiveness is great on this one The noise is obviously something which is up to you, but I think I'm gonna have to go with, wait, what number is this, what letter is this? I'm confused now

– [Ken] Just do left and right – Oh, okay, so we've got keyboard number one, and keyboard number two Oh, it's gonna be tough This one's not bad, that one's not bad Let me try this one

Oh, this one's better I think this is another mechanical feel It's got a little more clickiness to it But also it sinks really deep I feel like I'm really squishing

That's definitely membrane, right there Yeah, I'm gonna go with this one, for sure This one's fine, but I definitely prefer this one – All right – All right, final time! Finals, finals, finals

I'm gonna stop, that's annoying I'm definitely lost which direction I'm facing right now, okay, cool Okay, this keyboard, nice and clicky, I like it And this keyboard So, I've liked this one pretty consistently

This is definitely the one with the really, it's the nice sort of key feel and the very little wobble, I guess? I'm gonna take a guess, this is a blue switch though So you know what? I'm actually happy with the bracket has gone, 'cause I actually legitimately feel like these are the two best keyboards that I've used today This is actually a tougher choice than I thought, but as much as I like the clicky sorta stuff, this one just feels so much better It, I think, has a better sound I'm gonna go with this one as the final winner

Did I just pick the mechanical feel? 'Cause if I did, I'm gonna be very embarrassed – No – Okay It's time for the reveal of which keyboards I've chosen Agh, it's bright, ugh! Oh, the Razer won, yes! Okay, let me put my glasses on, 'cause ugh, I've been in the blindfold for too long

So, I feel really good about the Razer coming in first place It means I'm not a complete moron The blue switches on this one were legitimately the best I felt I'm surprised that the Amazon Basics one made it out of the first round For a non-mechanical keyboard, that's about as good as it gets

This was, was this mechanical? This is not mechanical, is it? – [Ken] Mechanical feel, right? – Oh, this is mechanical feel, look at that Wow, so what's interesting is, all of the mechanical switches we have here are all blue I actually wouldn't be surprised if these three keyboards have the same switches, if not very, very similar ones, but I feel good Why don't we actually go a little bit more in depth I wanna try the Razer a little bit more, definitely this one

This is the best of the mechanicals And I wanna spend some more time with this Amazon Basics one, 'cause this one actually, legitimately impressed me It felt, not quite mechanical, but mechanical feel is actually not a wildly inaccurate way to describe that one So first off, I'm going to try the Amazon Basics keyboard So, as soon as I plug it in, the RGB lighting actually looks pretty nice, and we do have quite a few customizable keys, but we also need to download the Amazon Basics Gaming Software, somewhere

(keyboard clacking) Do you hear that? (keyboard clacking) You can hear it rattling This is okay I don't feel great about it, honestly The blind test, I felt a little bit better about the fact that it felt mildly like a mechanical switch, but literally playing it for like three minutes, it does not feel remotely like it Ugh, that space bar's a killer, man

It's nice that you have all these extra buttons and customizable features, but the fact is, I mean, yes this is a fairly cheap keyboard, but it feels cheap This does not feel like a real mechanical keyboard at all Next we have the Havit Now, this one does actually have full per key RGB backlighting Now, you don't need any software, although I actually might consider that to be a benefit, and so what you do is you just hold function, and you can cycle between the different modes

Oh, that one's cool, what'd it do, how'd it do that? Whoa, I like disco mode All right, we're gonna stick with disco mode – [Ken] That's sine wave mode – Is it, oh, that's rad! All right, all right, I'm excited All right, let's do it

Oh, this feels so much better Look, my space key doesn't rattle This feels great, I really like this keyboard Thanks, Kermit The Hung Not only does it have the best feeling switches out of all of these sort of, I wanna say knock off blue switches

They're obviously not real Cherry Blue switches, but they feel good And on top of that, you get the per key RGB backlighting, you get the wrist rest, and the mouse, which you probably don't really wanna use I mean, realistically, yes, I still prefer to use the Razer keyboard, but at almost triple the price, in fact, actually a little bit more than triple the price, is it really worth it? For most people, I would argue, no I feel like this is actually one of the best cheap mechanical keyboards I have ever tried Not what I expected to say when I started this video

But anyway, thank you very much for watching Not only should you subscribe to the channel if you have not already, but you should also go over to our second channel, This Is, where we recently did a video all about some questionable items that we purchased on Wish It gets, well it gets weird

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