Xbox Series S Unboxing

– Inside this box, I have the brand new Xbox Series S It's time for some unboxing, my friends

So what I know is that inside this box, I should have a full unit of both the Series S and Series X Now they are not currently functional For that, we'll have to wait a couple more months, but it should give us a very good idea of what these consoles look like, the size, and importantly, we know a lot more information now compared to even a couple days ago when everything unceremoniously leaked Bubble wrap Well, that's exciting

– [Matt] Yay! – Okay, so we have two boxes here So I'm going to guess that this is the Series S Oh, that's– – [Matt] Whoa! – That is tiny Hold on a second – [Ken] Oh, wow

– What? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, hold on a second, hold on a second So one of the things is because they've stopped using an optical drive, that means that they kind of get a little bit of a free pass to redesign the console in whatever way they want And they've gone for something very, very small Oh, look at it It's so cute

So first of all, you'll see that there is the very large opening for the fan Now this is actually not that different than what you would have seen on something like the Xbox One S The only difference there was that it was actually all the same color, so it blended in a little bit, but you'll see that this is actual, like solid plastic So the only vent on the top is this black vent This looks fine

You imagine that like, underneath your like, cabinet or something at home, that's going to look really nice – [Ken] Hi welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order? – So we have the controller button here, as well as we have one USB-A port and the actual Xbox button So around back, we have what actually looks to be a very similar port layout So we have the figure eight cable here for power, we have these same external SSD solution from the Xbox Series X So that's something to actually consider

With the Series S, you're getting a 512 gigabyte hard drive, or specifically a 512 gigabyte SSD It is the same spec as what you get on the Series X, which means that it is very fast, but 500 gigs is not exactly a ton of space considering that of course, look around front, there's no optical drive You're going to be entirely using this as a digital console, which is something to consider if you plan on installing tons of games, and because this is a next generation console, those games aren't going to be small You know, you're looking at 50, 100, potentially 150 gig games So you may want to consider the idea that you want to use that expansion slot to get yourself a little bit of extra storage

So with the Series S you can still connect to an HDMI 21 display It will support up to 120 frames per second It does support 4K Potentially, we may see 8K support, although you'll never be able to game at 8K, and let's be real, the Series X also won't really be gaming at 8K, but the thing is, you'll be able to do pretty much everything you can on the Series S as you can on the X, the only difference is this is a less powerful console

So inside the Series S, what you're getting getting are very, very similar specs to the full Series X So on the CPU side, it is looking almost identical So you still have that same 8-core design, it is going to be clocked 200 megahertz lower So you're looking at 34 to 3

6 compared to 36 to 38 Honestly, you're not going to notice whatsoever It does have that same style of the Xbox Velocity Architecture, so you have a standard SSD

It is not going to be any slower, it's just smaller, but that shouldn't make any difference to performance at all, really where the cutbacks are going from X to S are really twofold So it's a smaller console And that is largely because it has what I'm sure is a much simpler cooling solution In fact, actually Microsoft have already released a little bit of a breakdown of what's inside this console And if you look at it compared to the Series X breakdown, there is a much, much smaller cooling solution, which makes sense, because inside we have a much smaller GPU

So where are the Series X has a 52 CU model of the AMD RDNA 20 GPU, this only has 20 CUs, which means that when you actually run the numbers with the clock speed, it means that this will give you about four teraflops of performance compared to 12 teraflops on the Xbox Series X Now you might think one third the graphics seems like that's a big cut And of course it is, but to get down to this lower price point, that ultimately is going to be a huge part of how they've done that So sure

When you look at a $300 price point and go, oh no, it's so much less powerful on the graphics side That seems like a big step down But this is targeting 1440p at 60 FPS, which is not that far off of the 4K60 that the Series X is aiming for And of course, keep in mind that both of these consoles are still capable of 120 frames per second In fact, they actually released a demo of Gears 5 running on the Series S at 120 FPS

So for a little size comparison, why don't we put the Series S beside the OG Xbox One That's a that's a lot bigger

Can you see that? And the thing is, the original Xbox One didn't even have an internal power supply, which this does So you also have the extra brick on the outside So I think it's safe to say that if you're upgrading from the original Xbox One, this Series S will fit wherever that one lives Literally wherever So for a little size comparison, I have not only the Xbox One S, but I also have the One S All Digital edition, the grandfather of the Xbox Series S

So if I put this on top, you'll immediately be able to see that it is significantly smaller So you can see it's smaller here, and it is significantly thinner here And that is in large part because the Series S doesn't have that optical disk drive And if we actually do them side by side I'm curious

It's a little bit taller? No, it's not It's the same There's no difference It's, they're exactly the same height, wow I actually didn't expect that

Look at that And if you actually look around to the back at the ports here, you'll see that between the consoles, they're very much a sort of drop in upgrade, right? So you can see that they both use the same figure-eight power cable, they both have HDMI out, although it does not have the HDMI in anymore, two USB-A ports as well as ethernet, but we don't have the IR out or the IR blaster on the One S and we also do not have the optical audio, which I think are pretty reasonable trade-offs Really what you're getting here is a console which, if your Xbox One or specifically the One S sitting around, it's going to definitely fit in, no problem I actually wanna see how this matches up with the Xbox One X You know, it's funny

They really seem to have modeled this after the One S It doesn't actually match the One X quite so well if I actually flip it around But it's still smaller, right? There's no doubt that this is the smaller console It's interesting to think about the One S as far as it being a $300 console So of course it is a major step up over something like the One S, which was technically capable of 4k, but couldn't come close to that in gaming, whereas this should be capable of 1440p gaming

And depending on the game, some games may use dynamic resolution to try to get a little bit higher, but the main difference between the Series X and the Series S is that, of course, this is cheaper $200 is a big difference I think $300 is going to be a major selling point when it comes to a next gen console But it's really gonna come down to graphics because pretty much everything that the Series X can do, so can the Series S However, with those lower end graphics, essentially what you're going to be doing is you're going to be running games at maybe slightly lower settings, but mostly a lower resolution

So you should see a very similar performance between the two Now, of course, that is all with a huge grain of salt that we have not actually tried the Series S yet We don't know exactly what games will look like, and we don't know how severe the cuts are going to be On the surface, a GPU which is one third as powerful does sound like a major cutback On the other hand, though, if you're able to get this console for $300, which of course you will, it still has the SSD, still has what is essentially a Ryzen 7 processor

Don't forget, this is essentially a Ryzen 7 CPU, which is almost $300 by itself at the moment That's kind of incredible, right? So if we get even close to that Series X level of performance in something which is this small and thin and lightweight, well, I guess, I don't know it's gonna be lightweight, and I'm sure it will This is going to be really exciting, but we're not done yet, my friends Oh, no, of course you have one more box, don't we? We have one more brand new Xbox to open today, which of course is the Xbox Series X, but that gets its own video So make sure you're subscribed

Make sure to go watch the Xbox Series X unboxing and let me know what you think about the new hotness, the very, very small new hotness It's so cool, right? It's so tiny These things are going to sell like hotcakes, man They're going to be absolutely impossible to find, like, everyone's going to want one

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