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– This is a fully functional Xbox Series X So I think it is time to finally play some games

So I've been using early preview unit of the Xbox Series X for a few days now And while the full review will certainly have to wait So make sure you're subscribed There is a lot to talk about here So I have spent time back in February playing some games on the Series X, including a version of Minecraft

That is a demo with ray tracing Now ray tracing is of course one of the features on both the Series X and the PS5 While this particular gameplay is certainly very much a beta We don't actually know if it will ever ship, but if you look at something like Minecraft for RTX, you can see that there's a ton of potential here We've also seen Gears 5 running at above ultra PC spec, at 4K 60 on the Series X and a number of different gameplay trailers and bits and pieces that hopefully will be shipping before the end of the year or the end of next year or at just at some point in our lives

However, today I have a handful of games that I can actually play today that are fully functional on the Series X So let's take a look because there's definitely some very interesting things here So first of all, I have Forza Horizon 3 So this is the game that came out back for the Xbox One and it subsequently did get a patch for the One X So it's running in full 4K

But if I want I can hop out to go into a game like Gears of War This is an original Xbox 360 game from a the way back in 2006 And because it does have not only the Xbox One X patch, which means that it is gonna run at the higher resolution As you can see, the performance is absolutely flawless One of the nice things about this, is that no matter what you wanna play, you essentially can play it on the Series X

So of course, all Series S and X games are compatible The vast majority of Xbox One games are compatible and you also have 360 games as well as original Xbox games If you could play it on an older Xbox pretty much everything can be okay, let me rephrase you can't play everything everything, but you can play the vast majority of Xbox titles than have ever been made on the Series X – All of the good ones – Okay, there's a couple- yeah, all the good ones, yeah, it's pretty fair

So depending on the game you'll get some base level of added performance So first of all, load times are going to be better across the board and I'll talk a little bit about that in a second But beyond that if a game has dynamic resolution, the extra headroom on the CPU and the GPU of the Series X is always unlocked So you should be always at like 4K or whatever the max that the game supports and same thing goes for the frame rate If there's any kind of unlocked frame rate if you were maybe 40 or 50 FPS on a game on the Xbox One or the One X that should pretty much always be at 60, just because there's so much more power in the Series X

Alternatively, in the case of a game like Gears, which has actually seen the Series X patch, for that, you're getting those higher graphics settings and specifically the ability to run at higher frame rates So the Series X does support 120 FPS right out of the box And Gears 5 for example, will be able to allow you to do 120 FPS in the multiplayer But from what I've heard, it actually is fairly straightforward if you have a game running on Xbox One, to unlock a higher frame rate without having to do a ton of work to the rest of the game So we may see some hybrid titles where there are full Series X releases, there are just Xbox One games running in backwards compatibility

And then you could have essentially the same game that you were running on Xbox One, just running at double the frame rate Which if that's possible, would be very, very cool Now let's take a look at a few games that haven't been optimized for the Series X at all beyond the more powerful CPU and graphics, of course, there's that standard SSD So if you load up a copy of Forza Horizon 3, it's not even close Where the Series X gets into the game in just over 10 seconds, the one X takes 45 seconds

And the One X is even slower at 53 seconds If you load up Halo 5, which is of course an earlier release from 2015 for the Xbox One Again, it is absolutely no contest The Series X loads up the level in just under nine seconds And that's including there's a five second deployment countdown

Interestingly, the One S is actually a little bit faster here than the One X at 26 seconds compared to 33 But regardless another very clear win for the Series X The biggest test here though really is Red Dead Redemption 2 Now this is a game that pretty much taxes the current consoles to the max kinda it's like GTA 5 taxed to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 when it first came out And because of that, the load times specifically are very, very slow

Throw it on the Series X though, and it is much better It's still not blisteringly fast at 37 seconds When you consider that's a full minute faster than what you get on the One S or the One X I think it's pretty clear that with literally no optimization just having that SSD and the more powerful CPU, you're seeing a pretty decent upgrade Just for fun, I wanted to try out how fast an Xbox 360 game would load

So I chose Gears of War 1 Now this is a game which was much simpler and was meant to run on a disc So even the SSD in the Series X while it makes a difference, isn't a massive difference Although a few seconds is still a few seconds I even tried original Xbox game, Fusion Frenzy but well, all three consoles loaded it up almost instantly

So didn't really feel like that was worth testing Now this is just a taste of the improvements that you can expect loading games on the Series X with that standard SSD it's going to help all games, period But especially when you consider that you can have a game which is a little bit better optimized for the Velocity Architecture and get significantly better performance with the compressed speed on the SSD You should actually expect to see Xbox Series X games that are fully built for the console to load even faster Something else that all games get for free is Quick Resume

So right now I'm playing Forza Horizon 3, just like I was before, and if I want, I can hop out and jump into Gears of War and you will see that because I've already loaded up with Quick Resume, it's going to jump me right in So I don't have to wait for the entire game to load or anything like that It, after just a few seconds, gets right in So one of the nice things about as I die Quick Resume, is that it will actually load multiple games at the same time So now I'll go ahead and jump in

You can see little Quick Resume, little icon show up I can jump into Red Dead 2 So this is not infinite, you can't just load every single game of all time You can load more older games because they take up less memory because essentially this is all just being loaded off of the SSD You can see I'm playing Red Dead

Oh, I'm done with Red Dead I'm gonna jump into Fusion Frenzy And even though this is an original Xbox game it is still supported here If you give it just a second, I will be right in the middle of the game where I left off So Quick Resume is something that is still being tweaked and optimized

But as you can see right now, I can jump between four or five games really easily And it's all completely seamless You don't have to think about it You can turn it off if you want, for some reason you can still quit the game if you wanna get out of it and start a fresh But it's nice to have this pretty much just always running in the background

I feel like that's one of the things that this next generation of consoles is really gonna provide is a sense of fluidity Things just happen really fast You don't have to sit around and wait for three minutes for your game to load, moving back and forth between them Everything is just gonna happen much quicker We're gonna get used to it really quick

So technically this is not final hardware for the Xbox Series X, however, concerning that it works and it is fully functional We're just gonna say that it's close enough for right now Oops, that's not supposed to be here We're just gonna censor this, this doesn't, this doesn't exist Let's take a little bit of a closer look at

So first of all, it is dense So I actually don't know how much it weighs, but it is a, it's not light The Series X is 44 kilos Or in freedom units, 91 wait, nine pounds, 13 ounces It's like a baby, a big heavy baby

So you'll see that it is significantly like thicker, but when you actually look at it, it doesn't actually take up that much more space It's more just sort of the footprint than anything else So I can confirm that the Series X is in fact, the thickest Xbox of all time So if we take a quick look around the Series X, you'll see that it is very similar to that dummy model that we unboxed a little while ago So we have our Bluray drive up front as well as our console pair button, a USB-A port as well as the power button, nothing on the sides

However, as you come around back you'll see we have our two more USB-A ports for a total of three, Ethernet, the figure eight power cable, the expansion module which is where you will plug in the memory cards or the storage, whatever, the memory cards And you also have HDMI 21 out So interestingly you can see that there's definitely some sort of grills on the bottom as well as on the side And just like we've showed in our teardown, all of that heat is pulled up through the top and exhausted through the fan on top where of course this little dish is not an LED unlike what it looks like in all the videos

And then there's the controller, so at first glance the Series X controller, it looks identical to the Xbox One However, it's been pretty much tweaked and tuned in basically all areas So the shape is now slightly different to accommodate different sizes of hands You have a new textured finish you have an upgraded D-pad, better latency You also have a share button but if you wanna know more about the controller check out the video we did over on our second channel This Is where we go much more in depth on the various different controllers that you can use on the Xbox and what not and make sure to stay tuned to the channel here because there's a lot, a lot more to talk about with the Xboxes and the Playstations over the next couple of months

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